17 Diet and Nutrition Memes to Share With Your Fact-Denying Friends

So many of us identify ourselves with what we eat.

Or more specifically, what we don’t eat.

Problem is the majority of diets, nutrition “cures” and “dangers” on social media are wrong (and stupid).

As a result we’re spending record amounts of money and time on health products and “hacks” that aren’t even healthier.

Fortunately I’ve come across many health experts on my new Instagram and Facebook page who are challenging this misinformation in an entertaining way… with nutrition memes!

Here’s an opportunity for you to consider the facts, or to share this with someone who should…. [Discover More…]

Science Confirms It: Carbs DON’T Make You Fat

Gary Taubes full of it- CARBS DONT MAKE YOU FAT

[Last updated 14th February, 2018]

Cutting carbs is the most important change for weight loss.

At least, that’s the idea sold by Gary Taubes, Dr. David Ludwig and other low carb enthusiasts.

They believe carbohydrate drives obesity because it raises the hormone insulin. Insulin is said to block the release of fat and also drive additional fat storage…. [Discover More…]