ModifyHealth: Low FODMAP Meals & Mediterranean Diet Meals Delivered Nationwide


Did you know that 51.8% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease and another 27.2% suffer from two or more chronic diseases? That’s around 133 million Americans today, but that figure is estimated to grow to around 170 million by 2030. ModifyHealth is a US-based meal delivery company and Diet vs Disease partner that aims to tackle this epidemic head-on by helping Americans combat and manage their conditions through food and diet. Many chronic diseases can be influenced by our diet, so ModifyHealth provides medically tailored meals based on the Mediterranean Diet and the Monash University Low FODMAP diet. Along with Low FODMAP and Mediterranean diet options, ModifyHealth also offers gluten-free and low sodium meals to help people that suffer from hypertension and celiac disease. ModifyHealth‚Äôs mission is to make food as medicine, simple, effective, and enjoyable for both[Discover More…]