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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

What is cardiovascular and metabolic disease?

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the Western world (1). Stiffness and formation of plaque in the arteries, known as Atherosclorosis, is in essence what drives heart disease. Lifestyle and diet are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Metabolic syndrome, similar to cardiovascular disease is a disease which can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. The syndrome refers to a collection of conditions which a person has at one time. These are obesity, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance (diabetes).

How to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease?

It’s no wonder that prevention is a hotly debated topic, particularly cholesterol and saturated fats. In addition to managing body weight and getting plenty of exercise, a diet which includes plenty of wholegrains, vegetables and oily fish and limits saturated fats, sugar and alcohol can reduce your risk of these diseases.

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