What is T4 and T3? A Simple Guide For The Non-Scientist

What is T4 and T3

[Last updated 6th December, 2017]

T4 and T3 are important hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Unfortunately, several thyroid conditions can cause abnormal levels in the blood.

This article will explain the actions of T4 and T3 and how to interpret test results…. [Discover More…]

TSH and So-Called “Normal” TSH Levels: A Non-Sciency Guide To The Science

What Is TSH and What Are Normal TSH Levels

[Last updated 2nd August, 2018]

TSH is a hormone that controls thyroid gland activity.

It’s typically used as a marker of thyroid health, but what are normal TSH levels?

This article explores what your TSH levels should be and how it relates to hypothyroidism…. [Discover More…]

Autoimmune Disease And The Autoimmune Protocol Diet: An Introductory Guide


[Last updated: 15th December, 2017]

Autoimmune diseases are more common than ever before.

The alarming increase in asthma, Crohn’s disease and type 1 diabetes in children are testament to that fact (1, 2).

Unfortunately, our scientific understanding and treatment protocols for autoimmune conditions have not progressed at the same rate.

The Autoimmune Protocol diet (AIP) has since emerged as an all-diet approach to treatment; one that is making its way into mainstream medicine.

This introductory guide looks at the pros and cons of the AIP diet and explores how it (potentially) works…. [Discover More…]

14-Day Meal Plan For Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss – Week 2


[Last updated 29th September, 2017]

This is the second week of The 14-Day Meal Plan For Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss.

It is fundamental that you start with Week 1 first.

As with the first week, you can follow the meal plan exactly or choose the meals you enjoy most and add them into your current eating pattern.

[Discover More…]