Beginner’s Guide To MTHFR Mutations, Symptoms and Diet: Explained in Plain English

MTHFR mutation, symptoms and diet: What you need to know

[Last Updated 22nd March, 2018]

All humans have the same set of genes.

Our differences come from the tiny variations in those genes.

Those variations influence not only in how you look or behave different to others… But in how your body reacts differently to external factors. Especially how it reacts to the foods you eat and lifestyle you live. [Discover More…]

[Infographic] Top 6 Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

Foods to avoid when pregnant

Research continues to show that most women do not receive proper nutrition education during pregnancy.

That is despite the fact that eating the wrong things, and in the wrong amounts, can be particularly dangerous for the unborn child.

This infographic looks at the top 6 foods that a mother-to-be should be avoiding, as shown by the current evidence.
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What Can’t You Eat When Pregnant? The Top 6 Foods To Avoid (No. 4 Is Highly Controversial)

What you eat during pregnancy is crucial.

The embryo is completely dependent on the availability and supply of nutrients provided by the mother.

The quality of these nutrients – helpful or harmful – is determined entirely by her nutrient stores and eating patterns.

So it’s troubling that a review of 25 studies found most women do not receive adequate nutrition education during pregnancy… [Discover More…]