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Personalized Dietitian Guidance For
Long-Term Digestive Disorders

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At Diet vs. Disease we provide personalized guidance and concierge-level support...

So that those with chronic digestive disorders
get an opportunity to eat with freedom
once more and live their best life.

Eat with freedom again

Identify trigger foods

Rejuvenate energy and vitality

Relief from digestive symptoms

Transform with food

Why work with a gut-specialist dietitian?

9 in 10 Gastroenterologists agree on this...

Access to GI-specialist dietitians dramatically improves IBS patient care, without requiring extra time from the doctor.

Doctors are a trusted source, however...

Patients view generic diet handouts as simplistic, non-personalized and difficult to implement.

The benefits of a low FODMAP diet are...

Based on the collective research of dietitian-led interventions, not patients navigating it on their own.

A clinically-proven
approach like no other

We get to know you
At Diet vs. Disease we provide concierge-level care
Our GI-specialist team dedicate time to understand your symptoms, medical history, diet, lifestyle and health goals.
We uncovers the root of the problem
We utilize clinically accurate stool profiling to treat the root cause.
Our stool testing uses premier biomarkers and advanced technologies other clinicians don't have.

Combined with unique insights into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the gut microbiome, you get in-depth information that uncovers the root of the problem.
Frequent one-to-one check-ins with your dietitian
We hold your hand and stay by your side, start to finish.
Frequent one-to-one check-ins with your dietitian, alongside the best tools and proven techniques, ensures we stay on track to reach your goals.

You also receive unlimited messaging with your dietitian, so support is available to you whenever you need it.
Our holistic approach targets the gut, the brain, and the behaviour
Diet is in our name, but we know gut health is much more than that.

You also get access to our mindset and psychology experts, specializing in anxiety management, vagus nerve sensitivity, the gut-brain axis, and emotional eating.
Access our private community
We make sure you're never on your own
Access our (optional) private community that includes regular Q&A sessions and masterclasses by our GI-specialist team.
91% report dramatic improvements in quality of life within weeks
So that you can eat with freedom and live your best life.
Diet vs. Disease is a team effort. By partnering with our clients, 91% report dramatic improvements in symptoms and quality of life within weeks.
how it works

See what our happy
clients have to say...

Over 3000 clients and counting...
Only going once per day frees up your life a lot more, and I also know what to do now to keep my symptoms in check!
It feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing what I can and can’t eat!

Meet Our Expert Team

Joe Leech
Joe Leech   →
Tim Matthews
Tim Matthews   →
Dr. George Schatz
Dr. George Schatz   →
Ryanne Lachman
Ryanne Lachman   →
Dr. Jordan Shapiro
Dr. Jordan Shapiro   →
Rachel Manthey
Rachel Manthey   →
Melissa Daniels   →
Erin O’Neill
Erin O’Neill   →
Taylor Hanna
Taylor Hanna   →
Emily Gabel
Emily Gabel   →
Victoria Cimino
Victoria Cimino   →
Lee Manley
Lee M   →
Louis Gelinas
Louis G   →
Jill Ambridge
Jill A   →
Beth Sands
Beth Sands   →
Julie Gold
Julie Gold   →
Nicholas Needs
Nicholas Needs   →
Rosie Hogg
Rosie Hogg   →
Jay Hayes
Jay Hayes   →
Daniel H   →
Lexi Moore   →
Kristin Feiler   →
Anastasia Shkretova   →
Chad Godoy
Chad Godoy   →
55+ years of combined expertise
Science-based approach
Average of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot
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