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Do Plexus Products Help? A (Monster) Evidenced-Based Review

Do Plexus Products Help_ A (Monster) Evidenced-Based Review

A wide range of Plexus products claim to boost metabolism and promote weight loss.

But how much of these claims are based on reliable scientific research?

This article takes a look at the evidence behind each Plexus supplement to see if they really can help you lose weight…. [Discover More…]

What Are Prebiotics? A Detailed Look At Prebiotic Foods and Fiber

What Are Prebiotics_ A Detailed Look At Prebiotic Foods and Fiber

You may have heard of probiotics, but do you know about prebiotics?

Despite the similarity in names, there are some key differences.

While probiotics rightfully get a lot of praise from health experts, prebiotics are important as well.

So, what are prebiotics, and how can you get more of them?

Keep reading to learn more about the power of prebiotics.

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Fecal Impaction: How To Come Unstuck From an Impacted Bowel

Fecal Impaction_ Here’s the Best Way to Get Unstuck

[31st October, 2018]

Fecal impaction is fairly common, particularly in older adults and people who are bedridden.

In fact, one study found that 42% of seniors in a geriatric ward had experienced it (1).

It’s not usually a big deal once its resolved, but untreated impaction can result in very serious medical complications. It can also increase the risk of future impactions.

So what is fecal impaction, and can it be treated at home? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

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Does Leptigen Work? An Objective, Sale-Free Review (2018)

Does Leptigen Work_ A Trustworthy, Sale-Free Review (2018)

[Last updated 16th November, 2018]

Leptigen is one of numerous diet pills on the market that claim to make weight loss quick and easy.

But most of these supplements only result in a skinnier wallet.

So is Leptigen, the latest popular pill on the market, any different?

This article looks at the weight loss supplement Leptigen to see if it lives up to all its big promises.

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Should You Take SuperBeets? A Science-Based, Sales-Free Review

Should You Take SuperBeets? A Science-Based, Sales-Free Review

[16th November, 2018]

SuperBeets is an all-natural supplement that is said to pack the power of three whole beets into a one teaspoon serving.

This may seem a promising premise given beets’ reputation as a detoxifying and heart healthy superfood, but is it worth the extra cost?

This article explores what SuperBeets is, the research behind it, and if it’s a supplement you should consider trying.

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Cannabis Oil vs CBD Oil: Health Benefits and Legal Considerations

Cannabis Oil vs CBD Oil_ Health Benefits and Legal Considerations

[10th October, 2018]

The topic of cannabis (marijuana) has become far less taboo in recent years, but there are still many misconceptions—and fears—about its use as a medicinal plant.

Cannabis is still an illegal product in most countries and can be difficult to obtain. More importantly, it is challenging to study.

Still, an increasing amount of evidence has found it could offer significant benefits for patients with chronic pain and even cancer.

This article looks at what cannabis oil is, how it differs from CBD oil, and what the science is saying about its potential.

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