Rachael German

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach


Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer
ICF Accredited course in Executive Coaching
Praditus Level 1 Certification: Self Awareness, Career Coaching, Soft Skills


I am an Australian living in France and have dedicated my life to learning both personally and professionally. I have chosen to live & work all over the world so that I can fully experience the challenge of immersing myself within different cultures. This has granted me a keen sensitivity that allows me to adapt to a vast array of personalities & cultural backgrounds. For more than 20 years, I have supported clients in learning and adapting to change according to their personal style. I support clients with empathy, honesty, heart and humour.

Taking care of yourself is about being kind to yourself. Life’s challenges can sometimes make this seem like a huge challenge however, I will support you in making this achievable. I work by helping you connect with your intrinsic motivations and values to establish personal accountability. I help you tackle your own barriers to take on pragmatic actions that enable sustainable change. I will encourage you to connect with your whole self to enable you on your journey to a happier, healthier and more engaged self.

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