Aimee Schrank

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach


Bachelor of Arts Psychology
Masters of Elementary Education and Training
Certified Stress Management & Life Coach with ICF accredited Symbiosis Coaching
Master Certified Wellness Coach (IAWP)


I’m Aimee Schrank and I live in beautiful Bozeman, MT. I am a nature loving, adventure seeking, tennis playing, cross fitting, happily married for decades, mother of 2 (1 teenager and 1 young adult). What a joyous and challenging ride it has been!

I have a BA in psychology, a Masters degree in education, and am a trained wellness, life, and stress management coach through several ICF accredited institutions. I bring a background in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching through Lyra Health where I have been employed as an emotional wellness coach since 2020. I also started as the original mindset coach for Diet vs Disease back in 2019 and have thousands of hours of coaching experience.  I’ve been helping humans, both tiny and grown, reach their potential since the late 1990’s.

If I had three words to describe my coaching container it would be compassionate, non-judgmental and skills based. I believe lasting change is best achieved when the journey is gentle and paced, and when we are equipped with the skills we need to mindfully endure the ups and downs. 

If this aligns with what you’re looking for, I’d love to chat….

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