What is T4 and T3: The Complete Guide

What is T4 and T3

[Last updated 6th December, 2017]

T4 and T3 are important hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Unfortunately, several thyroid conditions can cause abnormal levels in the blood.

This article will explain the actions of T4 and T3 and how to interpret test results. [Discover More…]

Dietary Treatment of Graves’ Disease: Reviewing The Evidence

Dietary treatment of Graves

[Last updated 27th October, 2017]

Traditional treatment of most autoimmune conditions relies entirely on medication.

Graves’ disease has been no exception to that rule.

But recent research indicates eating patterns can and do influence treatment outcomes.

This article looks at the best dietary treatment for Graves’ disease, as shown by current scientific evidence. [Discover More…]