MTHFR C677T and A1298C: Explained In Plain English


[Last updated 5th November, 2018]

All humans have certain genetic variations or “mutations” that can influence our health.

One of the more well-studied variations is known as an MTHFR mutation; more specifically MTHFR C677T and A1298C.

Unfortunately, not only is the concept of genetics difficult, but the terminology makes it even more confusing.

This article attempts to clarify what an MTHFR C677T and A1298C mutation is, in a way you can understand.

What is MTHFR?

What Is MTHFR?MTHFR is a critical enzyme in the body.

It’s required for a metabolic process that repairs DNA, switches genes on and off, and numerous other important functions (1).

MTHFR is also essential to convert folate and folic acid – each a form of Vitamin B9 – into the biologically active form called L-methylfolate (or 5-MTHF).

Not to be confused with the enzyme, the MTHFR gene provides the instructions for making that MTHFR enzyme. In other words, it “triggers” production of the enzyme.

A mutation in the MTHFR gene may therefore affect enzyme function.
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Summary: MTHFR is an enzyme with many important functions. The MTHFR gene triggers production of the enzyme.

What is MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C?

A mutation in the MTHFR gene (also known as a polymorphism, defect or variation) can be passed down from your parents.

What is MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C?

MTHFR mutations are actually quite common, and researchers suspect there are at least 30 different types (2).

C677T and A1298C are the most well-studied and tested MTHFR mutations.

This number and letter sequence refers to what is known as a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP (pronounced “snip”). The numbers represent the base position, while the letters represent the allele.

This 2-minute 23andme video illustrates the concept very well and explains alleles:

Take C677T for example (also written as C677>T)

While a “normal” MTHFR gene would be C677C (c = cytosine), a mutation/polymorphism has made the gene C677T (t = thymine). Carriers of this T allele produce MTHFR enzymes that are less efficient, hence issues associated with an MTHFR mutation (1, 3).

Annoyingly, the gene can also be written with all letters placed after the numbers. So C677T and A1298C can also be written as 677CT and 1298AC, respectively.

Summary: C677T and A1298C are the most well-studied types of MTHFR mutation. They are known as SNPs, with the letters and numbers describing where they are and what they look like.

What Is Heterozygous and Homozygous MTHFR?

What Is Heterozygous and Homozygous MTHFR?MTHFR mutations are typically referred to as heterozygous or homozygous.

The prefix “hetero” means different.

The prefix “homo” means same. Zygous just refers to degree of similarity.

In genetics, hetero- and homo- refers to the two alleles on the gene. For example, for C677T the alleles are C and T, which are different and therefore heterozygous.


Heterozygous MTFHR means you have one copy of the mutant allele on the MTHFR gene.


Homozygous MTHFR mean you have two copies of the same mutant allele, which is considered more severe. It looks like this T677T, although it is typically just referred to as homozygous C677T.

So homozygous C677T actually means T677T.

Compound Heterozygous

There is also compound heterozygous, which is when you have one mutant allele on both the 677 and 1298 base position.

Summary: In genetics, hetero- and homo- refers to the two alleles (letters) on the gene. A heterozygous mutation means one copy of the mutation, homozygous means two copies.

List of Common MTHFR Mutation Variations

This brief list helps to make more sense of the entire concept.

Remember that the mutation can be re-written with both letters at the end (for example C677T = 677CT) or even just the letters with no numbers (for example CT or TT):

  • MTHFR C677C = normal MTHFR gene
  • MTHFR C677T = heterozygous mutation (one mutation)
  • MTHFR T677T = homozygous mutation (two mutations)
  • MTHFR A1298A = normal MTHFR gene
  • MTHFR A1298C = heterozygous mutation (one mutation)
  • MTHFR C1298C = homozygous mutation (two mutations)
  • MTHFR C677T + MTHFR A1298C = a compound heterozygous mutation

MTHFR C677T and A1298C and Homocysteine

MTHFR C677T and A1298C and HomocysteineOne of the biggest concerns for those with an MTHFR mutation is the effect it may have on homocysteine levels in the blood.

Homocysteine is an amino acid linked to a wide range of health problems, and is an independent risk factor for heart disease, stroke and other forms of cardiovascular disease (4, 5, 6).

It is naturally formed in the body, but gets broken down (recycled) by L-methyfolate (active folate). Said another way, a lack of L-methylfolate can lead to an increase in homocysteine.

Although diet and lifestyle are major influences, your genetics are thought to be responsible for between 45-60% of the variance in plasma (blood) homocysteine levels in normal adults (7, 8).

Of that genetic variance, C677T mutations are thought to account for between 24-53% of all cases (7).

Research shows that regardless of how much folate you consume, homozygous C677T (T677T) subjects always have significantly lower folate levels than heterozygous C677T. Subsequently, they also have remarkably higher homocysteine concentrations than everyone else; most pronounced when folate intake is low (9).

Folate vs homocysteine
Total plasma homocysteine (tHcy) concentrations according to daily folate intake. Black = C677C; Grey = C677T; White = T677T.

Other research confirms that both homozygous C677T (T677T) and compound heterozygous (C677T + A1298C) are linked with higher homocysteine concentrations and greater risk of heart disease (10).

It was concluded that a heterozygous A1298C mutation on its own does not influence heart disease risk.

Summary: High homocysteine is an independent risk factor for numerous diseases. Those with a homozygous or compound heterozygous MTHFR mutations are more likely to have elevated homocysteine and greater risk of heart disease.

Which MTHFR Mutation Is A Problem?

Heterozygous MTHFR mutations seem to have only minor influences on enzyme activity and health.

Heterozygous A1298C is thought to be of minor consequence (if any), while heterozygous C677T may affect folate metabolism by up to 35% (3, 11).

MTHFR mutations that have the greatest influence on health are:

  • Homozygous A1298C (C1298C) and homozygous C677T (T677T)
  • Compound heterozgous A1298C + C677T

Compound heterozgous is considered the most severe or “at risk”, but it is thought that homozygous mutations can inhibit MTHFR enyzme function by up to a whopping 70% (11).

Remember that MTHFR mutations don’t directly make you unwell. But they may cause an exaggerated response to poor diet or lifestyle choices that others can “get away with”.

This is why dietary considerations are fundamental for certain MTHFR mutations. If you are not sure what you should eat, download your free diet guide for MTHFR here:

What should I eat with an MTHFR mutation?

Get your free guide here:

As the saying goes, “Genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.”

Always consult with a Dietitian or health professional who can give context to your results and specific situation.

For further information I recommend this roadmap guide I’ve put together.

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Prefer To Watch The Video Instead?

Closed captions are available.


Two of the most studied genetic defects are MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C. This article attempts to clarify what they are, in a way you can understand.

About Joe Leech, Dietitian (MSc Nutrition & Dietetics)

Joe Leech is a university-qualified dietitian from Australia.

He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in exercise science, followed by a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2011.

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198 responses to “MTHFR C677T and A1298C: Explained In Plain English”

  1. Is a fasting check on homocysteine level the most accurate? Wouldnt a blood draw without fasting be a more accurate check on how I am processing folate/folic acid? I have homozygous C677T but fasting homocysteine levels are within normal range. Doc says nothing more needed. Really? Thats all there is to it?

    • Hi Micki,

      Blood tests for homocysteine (fasting or not) are the standard way to measure.

      What number in the normal range, higher than 13?

      If your homocysteine level is good, then you likely don’t require anything else. Pregnancy warrants extra concern however.

      • Can you tell me what it further warrants? I am homo 677, (so T677T). I have had 2 miscarriages already, always at 6-7 weeks at age 31. I take methyl B12 1,000 mg day, methyl folate 1,000 mg day, and an aspirin a day, but I still feel as though I am lacking majorly in energy. There are some days I am exhausted……. Can this undermethylation process be making me more tired than normal!!? And is there anything that I can take to help with this such as herbs and supplements? Also, this may seem really weird, but I can FEEL when my homocysteine is up, it’s almost like my body feels so heavy as though my “blood pressure would be up” but it’s not…… I just feel heavy draggy and unable to think and process thoughts at times…… Miserable.

        • Hi Nikki I’m really not sure, it’s so hard for me to say without having seen you in person and considering your medical history and dietary habits etc.
          Low vitamin B levels most certainly causes feelings of fatigue, but it could be other factors in your life also. The only thing that comes to mind is ensuring your vitamin B2 and B6 levels are also adequate, as they play a key role in the methylation cycle too.

          • Hello,
            I’m homozygous 677T too. I’ve had 7 blood clots, 2 pregnancy losses, midline birth defects, 2 children with autism and also have autoimmune issues.
            Have you cut out enriched foods? We stopped eating all of it when diagnosed. It made the difference for me. I blamed the brain fog on hypothyroidism but I don’t think that was everything.

        • Always have to check mitochondrial function along with MTHFR. The mitochondria produce the vast majority of ATP for all of our cells with the exception of red blood cells. Polymorphisms in any of the 5 protein complexes in the mitochondria will result in decreased productivity of cellular energy potential. Plus mothers are the ONLY donators of mitochondrial DNA. We all receive our mitochondria from our mothers. Feel free to contact me for more information if you like.

        • Dr. Ben Lynch says to take electrolytes with the folate, B12 and B6. Also, he says to take co-factors. Dr. Ben Lynch – Seeking Health. He’s on Facebook too.

        • Hi Nicky,
          I blood thinners + aspirin deplete Vitamin K. Garlic can be used instead for thinning blood – panadol for pain.
          Low Vitamin K effects kidney & liver function. Then the auto immune desease start. Basil is a good form of vitamin K or K2 supplement. Will not work unless you have enough Vitamin D.

          • I’m taking one baby aspirin per day for 2 strokes. I have both mutated genes. Doing many heart tests and a lung test now. Dr said I must take this aspirin but hurting my stomach.

        • You’re probably not taking 1,000 mg of methyfolate, you’re probably taking 1,000 mcg (micrograms) of methafolate per day, or 1 mg.

          • I’m sure that should have said 1,000 mcg, and also 1,000 IU of D. Just mentioning that so no one gets hurt taking too much

        • Nikki and Micki, I have two copies of C667t also and after 20 plus years of dealing with getting more and more sick, and increasing brain fog, the following is what has FINALLY helped me get my brain back and starting to heal. It is not easy but if you do all of the following you will feel so much better in just two weeks. Just have to have patience, and resist the cravings your body will test you with.
          One, eliminate and avoid all chemicals that you can. Every chemical that gets in your body has to be converted ( if it’s a chemical vitamin) or detoxified and eliminated ( if it’s a pesticide,etc ) by the same methylation system which is only working at 10- 20 percent from the two gene mutations. The less chemicals you get in the body, the better. This means using no makeup, no room fresheners, no artificial sweeteners,etc. If it can get in your body eating or drinking, by inhaling, or by being absorbed by the skin, then it needs to be organic and natural as possible. If you can not afford organic food, then avoid eating the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, grapes, raspberries, potatoes, etc. Eat organic and grass-fed meats that are not grain- finished. My diet is meats,vegetables and fruits. And the occasional bit of organic dark chocolate or cookie. No one is perfect, but the less I slip, the better I feel. Same with makeup, I wear lipstick and brow pencil occasionally when I need to look my best.
          Two, all vitamins and minerals I take are in bioidentical form. All the vitamins work together in your body, so you HAVE TO take ALL vitamins in bioavailable forms that the body can use to make the enzymes and hormones it needs to function properly. This gene mutation is NOT affecting just the conversion of folic acid alone. This is why when people take methylation or L-methylfolate they are not seeing a big or sometimes no improvement at all. People with one copy have a methylation system that functions at 60- 70 percent and will see a difference , but still need all vitamins to be bioavailable, or else they will develop a vitamin imbalance that will cause problems over time. The high amounts of folic acid added into the flour made from wheat is what is causing a chemical and vitamin imbalance in our bodies. Along with all the other crappy chemicals in processed foods.
          Three, to support the body’s energy system I take nicotinamide riboside 250mg right before I get out of bed. The mitochondria in your cells use it for energy without any conversion necessary. The brand I use is made by HPN, it has the least amount of added “inactive” ingredients that I have found so far. Remember every added chemical is a burden on the methylation system, the less unnecessary chemicals, the better for your body.
          Four, to support and improve the methylation system I take 600mg of trans-Resveratrol (HPN ) and 250mg of reduced Glutathione (NOW brand) before sleeping. The body’s detox and repair system goes into overdrive while you are sleeping so it is most effective to take it right before sleeping.
          Five, I take 500mg L-Tryptophan before sleeping. Your body uses Tryptophan to make serotonin and melatonin that it needs to function. And I take 1/2 of a 3mg Melatonin tablet ( Natrol brand ) immediately before I turn out the light to initiate sleep.
          It was when I started doing numbers three and four that my face that was starting to wrinkle and sag stopped wrinkling and sagging! In one week my skin started firming up and my cheeks under my eyes started to fill in. It looks like I had a frigging facelift! It has been only ten days but the change is amazing. If you give your body what it needs IT WILL REPAIR ITSELF. I am 63 y.o. so the damage to my body is extensive, and in ten days my face looks almost 20 years younger. I take pictures each time I make a change in what I take, so the change is not my imagination. I wonder if over time my boobs will lift? Who knows, but I will definitely keep doing this protocol since it is working to help my body repair itself.
          I think I will add a collage supplement in a month or two.

          • Aelxa, thanks so much for your helpful advice! I am just beginning the mthfr journey. Live in Australia and i have suspected for years that my mum has a genetic disorder as she eats well , exercises lots but has major peripheral artery disease (pad).Had 12 operations on her legs to no avail. I have been begging her for months to get a homocysteine blood test as she has nil risk factors for pad. Reading up on the mthfr gene so she got that too. Got results 2 days ago .. now i have to get myself tested as have exhaustion, had shingles and now psoriasis. All autoimmune related diseases so on the journey! Thanks again.

            • HELP…I am really confused, then panic, then back to confusion….my tests have just come back with MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C but in the COMMENTS of the results it says “This combination of genotypes is unlikely to be clinically significant.” ?
              So does this mean I need not worry?
              I basically eat very healthy but don’t over the past year no longer eat red meat, but heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables. I do not eat any wheat products and have minimal lactose free milk. I don’t appear to have any health issues.
              I’m really spinning and not sure whether I should be scared after reading all the doom and gloom of strokes and heart attacks?

          • I never know where to start or what to do naturally etc. Just been diag. homozygous for the T allele of the C677T polymorphism of the MTHFR gene. I knew their was an answer somewhere that would exlain what is going on with me. You have given me some of the answers I’ve been asking but not hearing. I will try some of the things listed. Where else can I go to find answers on natural remedies. 15 mg of methylfolate has been prescribed, but it seems like such a high dose that I’m afraid to take it. Really not doing anything at this time except 1000 mg vitamin D.

          • Great information! I’m just starting all this, been on L-methylfolate 2 years and Cymbalta for the serotonin. I had no idea about ant diet restrictions, more vitamins, etc… so any info really helps!
            I will be going to a homeopathic Dr that witless out of my Neurilogy Clinic, hoping he will get me in a great vitamin and food diet

        • I had 8 miscarriages before this gene mutation was discovered. I took aspirin during the pregnancy with My son. There were still complication though. With my daughter, I had to take lovonox injection (blood thinners) twice a day. My pregnancy was a lot less critical with her.

          • My 1st pregnancy was normal except preeclampsia at the end that was 2012. My 1st miscarriage was in 2014 @6-8 wks my 2nd was in 2015 @32wks her cord was wrapped around her neck twice & foot once 3rd in 2016 @21wks for unknown reasons. Then I got pregnant in 2017 & my Dr did test & discovered the mutation & put me on lovenox injections as well, along with a special prenatal vitamins called Mytri5 bc we can’t take folic acid & a baby aspirin a day & I had my rainbow baby I’m Aug perfectly healthy baby girl now almost 6 months old. But now I’m breastfeeding & cant take the aspirin daily & am having high blood pressure issues like its really high. So I’m trying to learn everything I can about this. Any advice is accepted please & thank you.

      • “Likely don’t require anything else?” Joe could not be more wrong. Even though you only inquired about 677T, there is far more to MTHFR than just that! There are a number of different genes that all need to interact, and deleterious alleles in any of them can cause problems. For example, if the methyl form is not working, you may require a hydroxyl form, depending on other parts of your genetic makeup. It is possible that taking your B12 orally might not work. You may require regular shots, either of the methy- or hydroxy-.

        There is still much to learn about these MTHFR genes. Detoxing from some substances may be more difficult, which could affect your tolerance for certain medications. Males with the A1298C may be “shooting blanks,” and if they are not tested then having a family could mean spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments, where instead the appropriate vitamin may do.

        Gina- your psychiatrist is wrong. You should be getting B-12 shots, and the cyanocobalamin ones will not work. Ask your psychiatrist about Acetyl-L-Carnitine for your mood. If the psychiatrist knows nothing of it, then ask the doctor to please find out and be prepared for your next session. Adequate Omega-3 in relation to your Omega-6 intake is also essential for mood and brain health. MRSA- good lord! I hope that you are getting workers comp for that! If you still have it, then either the doctor’s didn’t try everything, or didn’t try it long enough, or didn’t try it at the right dose. There are some essential oils that have action against MRSA. I can’t recall which ones. Caution is required with those, too, treat them as seriously as medication. Go to a state tax-supported university. They must allow you as a taxpayer to use their libraries. There, you can dig into the latest research databases. Do not be surprised that your doctors are too busy working to be aware of anything new in recent decades. Some are open to the articles that you bring in, others are not. If not, fire them. Anyone who does not want to learn cannot help you.

        Melissa, ticks rarely transmit Lyme Disease alone. The whole concept of “Post Lyme” is ridiculous. Either the infection was wiped out (not likely under CDC guidelines), or it was not, and/or there may be other infections. A recent study showed that Lyme tended to re-emerge about a year after treatment, less virulent so people are less ill by it, yet it also is harder to kill because they are only vulnerable while reproducing, and they don’t do that very often. You can address this yourself, slowly, by using stevia. The study that showed stevia extract getting through the Lyme biofilm and killing it used the Sweetleaf brand, so that is the only kind I would suggest. Start slow!! Sounds like you also should be evaluated & tested / treated for bartonella, babesia, and over a dozen other possible infections that you may have been given along with the Lyme Disease. Some of these are also contracted other ways- such as through your pets. Cats and dogs transmit them. What you are experiencing is not normal; please get to a specialist in vector-borne diseases while your brain is still allowing you to figure that out and work, etc.

        I believe that you mentioned concerns about candida. Start using some cilantro in your food, bit by bit. If you do have excess candida, then killing them makes you feel worse at first, as their toxins get released. I had personal experience with that one and it was tough. I had a very restricted diet- no sugar or starch, wheat, etc., and when I did eat I knew those buggers were benefitting from the food. So, I’d eat, then after a bit hit them with some nystatin while they were dividing and vulnerable, and then after a bit I’d chase that with bentonite and psyllium to clean the whole mess out. Then, I’d take a probiotic and any vitamins on my regimen. It worked. In my case I had to be aggressive and it was worth it. Another family member just took the nystatin like a proper obedient patient, and to this day, 10 years later, still has a candida problem. Good luck to you, you can get through this if you get to the right practitioners, learn enough to figure things out like the timing above, and get moving on it right away.

        • Thank you. That’s excellent advice. I, too, have been fighting a fungus, using Solaray Yeast Cleanse, Detox-ND, various high-quality (I hope) nutritional supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, low-carb diet, etc. What you did makes sense. I may alter my approach.

        • Hi “You Wish”. Wow, reading your reply, I heard so many things I never knew before. You are so educated, and beyond the typical textbook knowledge. I hope you legally practice medicine somewhere out in the world, so you can help people out there! Good luck to you! 🙂

    • I’ve just found today that I have the homozygous C677T (T677T) gene. Interesting that the Naturopath I started seeing two months ago for a devilish rash had started me on a supplement that includes iodine and other trace minerals, as well as Detox-ND and a methylated folate. From what I can tell, you absolutely do need to take many steps to avoid toxins, clean up your environment and your diet, eat certain foods, rest, use foot baths, do everything I can to improve my gut (read latest microbiome research) and so on. Luckily, I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity several years ago and started regular care with a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor (one who was a doctor in China). Both parents lived to 95 and only developed dementia in their late years eating foods I wouldn’t dream of eating since I was about 58. I do wish the same–or better–for all of us! I’m so glad I know I have the mutation so I can take good care of myself.

    • Everyone is concerned with homocysteine,as doctors have been saying it causes heart disease. In fact, the most recent studies are showing it is high calcium levels causing arteriosclerosis. Calcium levels over 9.5 are also a symptom of Hyperparathyroidism. Go to to get more information if you have calcium levels over 9.5.
      Everyone keeps focusing on folic acid alone, this is so wrong. ALL VITAMINS and MINERALS are not processed into the proper bioavailable forms.If you have two copies of the MTHFR gene mutations ( either C667T or A1298C or both) your methylation system is only working 10-20 percent.
      You need the vitamins and minerals to make the enzymes and hormones your body needs to function properly. This is why we also have thyroid problems, low testosterone, gut problems, etc.
      The methylation system also detoxifies all the chemicals and metals we get in our bodies from eating, drinking, and breathing. This is why we often have high lead, mercury,copper and other metals in our blood. Zinc is often low, impairing wound healing.
      Basicly, our modern socity, filled with chemicals which were rarely found in the environment before the 1950s , is what is making people with the MTHFR gene mutations so sick. Before 1900 there was little contact with manmade chemicals and only if you worked in mining or dye works would the MTHFR gene cause you to get sick.

      • Hello, I am new to the MTHFR thing, I am Hetero C677T my histamine levels are normal and I have not received my labs to see if I am an under methylator or over. I have concerns with taking so many “recommended” vitamins. I have ready a lot with Seeking Health but it seems as though everyone wants you to use so many different forms a all these vitamins. I am 38 y/o and it wasn’t until after my fifth miscarriage that my PCP thought to test me for MTHFR. There is no doctor remotely close to my area and the cost to see one in general is ridiculous unaffordable. The doctor here in my area all say its a simple fix just take folic acid, I just want to feel good again and have energy to be with my family and not over dose myself with vitamins. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am currently taking Pure therapeutics Methyl Multi 2 a day, 400mcg Folinic Acid and Omega 3 DHA.

        • With the MTHFR gene mutations you need to avoid folic acid , DO NOT take folic acid. The problem is your body is not able to convert folic acid into the form it actually can use called L-methylfolate. The problem exists with all vitamins and minerals. Also the same system is involved in detoxifying pesticides and other chemicals. Most energy problems can be fixed with just getting the RDA amounts of vitamins. Huge amounts are not needed unless some other medical problem is requiring additional amounts. Large amounts of a single vitamin can cause an imbalance.

          • Aelxa is correct, folate, NOT folic acid. Folic acid is synthetic and is absorbed quicker in your body than natural folate, which prevents your body from getting the folate it needs. I take methylated folate and methylated B-12.

      • Hello, I am new to the MTHFR thing, I am Hetero C677T my histamine levels are normal and I have not received my labs to see if I am an under methylator or over. I have concerns with taking so many “recommended” vitamins. I have ready a lot with Seeking Health but it seems as though everyone wants you to use so many different forms a all these vitamins. I am 38 y/o and it wasn’t until after my fifth miscarriage that my PCP thought to test me for MTHFR. There is no doctor remotely close to my area and the cost to see one in general is ridiculous unaffordable. The doctor here in my area all say its a simple fix just take folic acid, I just want to feel good again and have energy to be with my family and not over dose myself with vitamins. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am currently taking Pure therapeutics Methyl Multi 2 a day, 400mcg Folinic Acid and Omega 3 DHA.

  2. Hello, I’m searching for answers because general physicians seem to blow off my symptoms because my blood tests come back normal. I went to a nutritionist that said I needed to be tested for MTHFR mutations and I am positive for one copy of C677T and one copy of A1298c varient. I am compound heterogenous for the variants. The only advice I received was to take folate ( metafolin L-5 methyltethydrofolate) 800 mg with B12 1mg. I take one tablet a day. I don’t know what else I need to do to feel normal. I have chronic fatigue, depression and panic attacks. I’ve gone to doctor after Doctor and they do not have answers and when I tell them I have these mutations they blow it off. I was told by the nutritionist that made me aware of this genetic mutation to maintain a gluten free diet and when I do I feel better energy wise but the anxiety and depression doesn’t let up. I am not celiac so my general Doctor says there is no reason for me to be gluten free. So with my own research I’m seeing that I shouldn’t be eating foods fortified with synthetic folic acid so it finally rang a bell that maybe this is why gluten free helps me. Please let me know what type of physician is open minded to guiding me with lifestyle and supplement changes for this mutation. Also is the one tablet of the supplement enough. I’m desperate to feel healthy. Even my psychiatrist doesn’t acknowledge this mutation. He thinks it’s unrelated to my symptoms. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also, is this mutation combination one that can cause the symptoms I suffer from? Thank you?

    • You should minimise (greatly) your intake of wheat flour. So that’s conventional bread, cakes, biscuits, etc. They are fortified with folic acid.
      Plus they are not nutritious foods in their own right.
      Gluten is not the problem though (unless you have an autoimmune condition), and is not related.
      How long have you been taking that supplement? Assume you mean 800 mcg.
      It’s hard for me to give more advice, the conditions you describe (espec the mental health) are dependent on many other lifestyle factors too.

      • Go to the first posted question by Micki on March 16, 2016. I have posted what I have been doing that has improved my life 1,000 percent in the last 10 days.
        I have been dealing with this problem since 1991 when my ob/gyn put me on 1500mcg of folic acid. I was one of the first women to be advised pre-pregnancy to take folic acid.
        First, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then Fibromyalgia, then Hypothyroidism, then Adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency, then two years ago Hyperparathyroidism, (had the surgery to cure the Hyperparathyroidism in December 2016), so I have been through it all. I found out I had two copies of C667T in 2011, but all they told me was it would cause me to have low energy. Low energy my ass.
        My son was born normal and with one copy of C667T, and when he got his six month immunizations, he had seizures ( from the mercury in the shots ) and the brain damage made him Autistic. I did not know at the time he had high Lead levels, and the health department found no Lead in or around our home.
        So when I say I have been through it all, I mean it.

    • Dr. Amy Yasko and Dr. Ben Lynch study this issue extensively. There are others that can meet through Skype. I found a local functional medical practioner thqt helped me overcome my issues. I’m hetero C677T. No synthetic folic acid.

    • My daughter has the double mutation and has suffered from depression her whole life. A little over a year ago she had DNA testing done on the suggestion of a psychiatric nurse practioner, sswhich showed the double mutation. She takes 15,000mcg of Deplin (folate in its pure form, NOT folic acid!). every day. The change is a miracle. Insurance doesn’t cover it because it’s considered a food supplement. it runs about $60/month.

      • I have the TT mutation and have been on Deplin for 2 years now. It’s a night and day difference. I feel more alert, less depressed, and less anxious (though all of these symptoms come back occasionally). My mom is CT; she insists she doesn’t see a difference when she takes Deplin. Once this supply runs out, I’m considering switching to a generic brand which are significantly cheaper. I’m glad your daughter is doing better!

        • Is anyone aware of an over the counter form of methylfolate. I am currently on deplin, which has helped. At one point the doctor swithced me to enlyte but it only has 7.5 mg and deplin was 15. Althought enlyte aslo has vitamin B. Enlyte was not effective for me (most likely because of 1/2 of the active ingrediant. I have the MTCHR C677T. My primary diagnois is CRPS/RSD however all of my physicians believe there is some time of autoimmune disease starting. I also am being screend for sjrodens (as my mother has it).

          I asked my mother to be test for the mutation is she has the same one I do. Her homocysteine levels are “slightly” (as far as she tells me because her doctors don’t believe in it and actually told her to take high doses of folate. My Mom’s Dad died very young due to heart attacks and strokes.I was ready to pull my hair out. Ironically, recently my mother has also been diagnosed wtih CRPS/RSD. I truly wonder if there is a relation as it’s a “rare” chronic pain disease.

          I also wonder if my sister has it but she can’t afford to get tested. I asked my holistic neurologist if anyone (even if not taking) can take methylolate and he said they could. So she is also not able to get a prescription and her doctors will not test her. I think she has it for several reasons.

          My question:
          1. Does anyone know a reputable and effective over the counter form of methylfolate?

          Being that my mother’s doctor won’t write her a prescripion and thinks it’s hokey. But aso obviously is not familiar with it since he instructed her to take folic acid if she really wants to. He is not doing anything about the homocystine levels. I am concerned about her with now several immume diseases. And my sister having several issues and can not afford to be tested. I am also unemployed so I’d like to see if an over the counter version is available and as effective as deplin?

              • Thank you so much for sharing that information. My husband and i have been searching for a place to purchase a non-chemically produced version of Deplin. We like the results, but cannot afford the price and one of my Neurologists does not like the other chemicals included in the fabrication of the drug. He has an all natural site, however, it is quite expensive on a school bus driver’s hourly pay check. So thank you kindly for this site! This product too is all natural, with it being just the Methylfolate and the one other base ingredient.

          • Thorne Research makes folate in 1mg, 5mg, and 15mg. You would need a licensed health care professional to get it for you though.

    • Can I ask you a strange question. I have the exact same MTHFR mutations as yourself. Do you have breast implants? I had a lot of trouble with my dental products which helped significantly, but I am still having some problems and I believe it might be my breast implants? The suffering of chronic fatigue and just not being 100% is so frustrating.

      • Hello. Did you say that you were heterozygous For C677T gene mutation and were hving issues with implants? I’m just now finding this site and the same thing is happening to me plus other debilitating symptoms.

      • Hi Jenna I see this is an old Post but Yes the Implants cause BII there is facebook groups with hundreds of women ex-planting daily. I ex planted on June 21s.

    • Hi Gina, I am in exactly the same “”boat”” as you. Except I have been on antidepressants, on and off, with disastrous consequences for 20 years. Off all of it now, and realise, I believe, my only mental health/exhaustion issues are because of low B12. (Compound hetero, like you). Also, check your CYP ………. I havent yet, BUT I KNOW I have this, due to all the horror side effects from ADs etc, that need this enzyme, that I dont have. I now am going to avoid any of that synthetic folate. I stupidly took it for five pregnancies, and had two heart defect babies. Oh, how they mess with our food. Find me on fb if you wish.

        • Folic acid is an inorganic chemical vitamin and people with the MTHFR gene mutation can not convert it into the form L-methylfolate that the body uses to make the various enzymes and hormones it needs to function. If you have one copy you are able to convert 60-70 percent unless you also have CBS, MTRR, MTR, COMT, MOA-A, or MOA-B gene mutation. IF you have two copies of the MTHFR gene methylation efficiency drops to 10- 20 percent.
          The problem is with all chemical vitamins that are not in the bioidentical form that your body can use immediately without conversion. This means if your physician takes a B12 level and it is high, that most of the B12 in your blood is in chemical forms it can not use. Especially if you have symptoms of B12 deficiency.
          The methylation system also is the system that detoxifies all chemicals your body absorbs. That is why your blood levels will be high, it can not convert the chemical vitamins into a useful form and it can not excrete them from your body either.
          This means all medicines, heavy metals, etc. Any chemical that’s not in bioidentical form.
          It is sad that physicians, who you would think should understand simple biology, ignore patients with this problem. Sometimes I think they learned nothing in school except that this symptom means the patient has this disease, period.
          I am educating my physician, but she is open to learning and is excited to learn about the effects of the mutations. She can see that all those patients of her’s who have “weird” symptoms like mine, she may now be able to help.

      • What are CYP’s and how do you test for them? Not even sure what they are/what they do with MTHFR. Thanks for the help!

    • You can find organic flour Bob’s Red Mill and oats…take your L Methlfolate NOT man made folic acid! And eat lots of greens. Avoid all fortified foods.
      Take plant based Co enzymated vitamins like Emerald Lab make, get plenty of probiotics for your gut…avoid metals! Talk to your doctor about all your medications.
      You will feel tons better!

    • I have one of the copies for both C677T & A1298C.
      I believe I have some sort of anxiety issues that make me panic whenever there’s something on my skin, or if I have a terrible headache, or if my hand and foot go numb…there’s always something. I always have to see a doctor for something different…I now have gastritis, so I have to have an endoscopy done…to get the right treatment. I’m always afraid that I might have a serious disease. I tried talking to several doctors and nobody seems to understand.
      I have a horrible thin hair, aging hands and feet, very dry atopic skin…and I’m only 33…
      My husband’s patience is not unlimited….I’m afraid this situation will create some sort of distance between us.
      So, if I cannot process both the folic acid and the B12, what can I have as a dietary supplement?
      I’m also CVI. Never had any sort of issues with my pregnancy.

      • best to get to a very good alternative MD and/or a naturopath. Keep looking and trying them – they are out there and you learn a bit from each one. Even if it is tiresome to not find ONE person with all the answers. I say this as you need someone who knows their stuff to check your thyroid as the thinning hair and dry skin make thyroid something to check. adrenals were a big area for me. Bodies are very complex. so don’t stop at just the MTHRFR business, and get a good workup with a good alt doc.

        • The MTHFR makes it so your body can not convert Synthroid (T4)into T3 which is the bioavailable hormone form it can use. One copy and you can convert some, two copies and you can convert almost none of the Synthroid. There are other mutations that will make it even harder. I take Cytomel for this reason.
          The thinning hair, etc could be thyroid problems. However, it could be hyperparathyroidism. The Parathyroid glands are on the thyroid but control the calcium blood levels. If you have a blood calcium level of 10 or higher then you almost certainly have hyperparathyroidism, especially if you have low VItamin D blood levels. It causes osteoporosis (that is where the calcium in the blood is coming from) and is storing the vitamin D in your body tissues. This will cause blood clots and strokes. Go to to read more information. If your doctor will not refer you to them ( my doc said lets just watch it for two years while I got worse and worse) they will look at your blood work and other tests without a physician referral. They operated on me a week later because I was in danger of dying. A regular Parathyroidectomy takes over 4 hours, they do it in 20-40 minutes. All they do is this one operation and they take assignment from your insurance. People come from around the world to have them operate.

      • If you go to the top of this page to the very first question posted, you will find a new protocol that I posted which is reversing my wrinkling and sagging skin. But I still think you need to be checked for Hyperparathyroidism, I almost died from it, had the tumor removed before it killed me. In two years I got the same symptoms as you, thin hair, dry fragile skin,felt like I was dying, etc. Quite a few people posting on this site(on other pages) have had this problem and had the surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa Florida. They saved my life.

        • Aelxa, I am having the hair loss, wrinkling and sagging skin. I have been on natural desiccated thyroid medication for over a decade, but now I am hypothyroid even on 2 grains of NDT. I don’t convert synthetic thyroid meds at all and never have. I recently found out that I am heterozygous C677T. I have had depression issues most of my life and have major depression now. My homocysteine level is very high risk, my cholesterol had been fine since I was one NDT until the last year, and now it is very high. What kind of tests are done for hyperparathyroidism? I believe my mother’s sister was diagnosed, but never treat, for that. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • I have the same mutations as you – one of each, hetero. I take 5HTP, a complex B vitamin, as well as lots of omega fatty acids, with a high protein shake every morning (Garden of Eden greens protein). I struggle with the same things you mentioned – fatigue, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. I quit drinking alcohol, which affect your neurotransmitters for weeks with even one single drink. I did the Whole 30 – which was really hard – but when I am on Whole30, every single one of my symptoms go away (when I continue taking 5HTP, not the protein drink). I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out.

      • Oh and I also recommend two books (not specific to these genetic mutations but health/brain/gut connection): A Mind of Your Own and also the book Silent Takeover. Great reads.

    • I have an 18 year old with the homozygous C677T mutation, as well. He suffered from chronic depression. He now takes 15mg Deplin (methylfolate), as well as 5,000mcg Methylcobalamin (active B12), 25mg P5P (active form of B6), and a B Complex vitamin. Remember, 1,000mcg = 1mg. I pieced together the combination of vitamins through countless hours of MTHFR online research. My son is doing so much better. He has come out of the darkness he had been living in for too long, Most physicians are still uneducated about MTHFR. Stay hopeful and read everything you can get your hands on.

    • hey Gina, I read your post with so much searching for answers, as I put pieces of my puzzle together, I now understand my mystery (vascular) pains/episodes of 2 minute fatigue/spasm for 7 years were due to increased meat for 7 years when I tried a high protein diet after 17 years vegetarian. Now I understand my symptoms started when I added meat, decreased with less caffeine, more sleep, and less nightshades, but then really went away when I went low-fat plant-based. took me a couple years to see the relationship, but I only saw it after this testing that helped me look at processing protein and methionine (meat and dairy mostly).

  3. Hello… I believe I am compound heterozygous (C677T & A1298C) but I am awaiting confirmation from my doctor since my genetic mapping report wasn’t very clear. I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder and I’m currently hypo. I have “chronic Lyme disease”, which I realize CDC doesn’t acknowledge. I am also aware that the bacteria-like spirochete responsible for Lyme disease (Borrelia burgendorferi) was the catalyst that started my illness by triggering latent viruses (specifically EBV which has run amuck causing so much damage in my body). This disease is better described as “Post-sepsis Immunodeficiency Syndrome”. My CD57 is so low, it barely registers (less than 20) and I no longer produce antibodies. I have white lesions on the right frontal lobe of my brain, chronic pain and I do mean 24 hours a day of severe joint/neck/shoulder/back pain, bone crushing fatigue, plus many more symptoms. I have 2 genetic mutations within the mu opioid receptor density pathway (COMT G/G, VAL158MET & OPRM1 A118G). My cells block the effects of opioids and most of the medication is sent off as waste versus broken down and used. The OPRM1 mutation also causes increased pain sensitivity so basically I feel more pain with little to no relief from opioid narcotics, unless I take large doses. I am currently recovering from my 3rd outbreak of MRSA in 4 months (I contracted MRSA from a student in my classroom in 2009), so I’ve been on 30 mg, 2x per day, of Clindamycin, which is tearing up my gut and making me crave sweets. I am think I probably have yeast overgrowth in my stomach and/or intestinal tract due to the antibiotic. I have been gluten free in the past but I’m negative for Celiac. I will say that I do feel better being gluten free but I miss “the good stuff”, so now I eat the naughty food in moderation. I currently take 400 mcg of Methylfolate and 1000 mcg of Methyl B-12. My doctor just changed my thyroid medicine from 2 grains of Armour per day to 2 grains of Nature- Thyroid per day, with the intention of increasing another half grain in 4 weeks. The exhaustion can be debilitating most days. I’m a special education teacher and I’m currently working in a elementary school, so there’s quite a bit of physical activity involved. Would you recommend raising either the methylfolate and/or the methyl B-12 if I’m still experiencing this level of fatigue after a few weeks at increased level of 2 1/2 grains of NT? Given my complicated health issues, do you have any general advice or guidance for improvement? Thank you!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Your case is complex, so much so Idon’t feel equipped to give you good advice online!
      There are so many aspects that can affect fatigue, you have to work with your doctor.
      For the record you should raise mthylfolate and b12 together, not methylfolate on its own. But again you need to to do this with your doctor.
      Sorry I cant be of more help.

      • Joe, she needs to raise bioavailable folate, B12, and B6 together. Remember, all three of them work together for the body to make energy in the cell by the mitochondria to make ATP.

    • I recommend to get biochemical testing through Dr. Yasko will comment on the supplements you need. There is so much more to it than B12 and methylfolate. She’s expert in seeing the connections, and can give you more specific advice based on the tests. You still need to work with your doctor, but she doesn’t charge for her notes. She’s a researcher. Best luck to you! It’s helped us great!

    • That “naughty” food is full of folic acid. Wheat flour is “enriched” with folic acid. Eating that stuff makes it pointless taking the bioavailable form folate. Either you want to get better or you do not. Eating wheat you will get worse and worse.
      Are you certain you want to continue going down hill? It is your choice, I chose to stop eating flour. Remember they formulate those foods to be addictive.

      • Also, gluten-free items are often made with rice flour. Rice grown in the US has been tested and found to be high in arsenic, and people with the MTHFR gene mutations tend to have high toxin levels. So limit gluten- free items made with rice flour.

  4. Hi,

    I have 2 copies of A1298C and my daughter has one of each C677T & A1298C.

    Fatigue, EVB, Pre-Everything, Lyme, CFS and of course when these so called docs don’t know they tell you have Fibro………My daughter comes up with it all. I think that getting to the root of the issues is key considering our bodies run on minerals and after speaking with at least 4 or 5 docs they have NO clue about the Minerals in our bodies……

    Me: Blood disorder (Pre Cancerous) among other issues, high TPO numbers and an Onc doc says that doesn’t matter it’s the TSH number. I think he is Wrong!!!!

    We also had a HTMA done and we are toxic in some minerals and lacking in others. We are going the Magnesium route, foot soaks, supplements etc. We don’t have a clue of which B12 to take. We take Bee Pollen for the other B Vitamins. What foods to eat well that’s another story.

    I am Copper DysRegulation and my daughter is Iron Overloaded and Copper Low. We have horrible insurance that doesn’t cover any other type of doc and the Western Med docs don’t have a clue about much! I know we have to raise our Ceruloplasmin levels otherwise we feel lost.

    My daughter wakes up Every morning with anxiety and panic and shortness of breathe and heart palpitations and I mean Every morning. Not sure if it’s the Iron, the MTHFR. We use essential oils to clam her and sometimes it takes almost 30 min for her to feel normal. She is pre Everything. It’s just the 2 of us and this is so much to deal with.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


    • One hydroxo B12 sthot, and the morning dread, panic attacks have gone for me. I been suffering for years. Get your homocysteine tested. Good luck! I have the one each of the mutations.

    • You need to eat organic and avoid all chemicals. Both of you have methylation systems that are only functioning at 10-20 percent of normal. This system converts chemical vitamins into bioavailable forms your body uses to make all the enzymes and hormones it needs to function properly. It also detoxifies chemicals , metals and toxins that interfere and slowlay poison us.
      This means your immune system is highly impaired and you get cancer easily, also infections. Cancer and heart disease run in my family because of these mutations. If you go through all the posts that I have written on this site, there is so much more you can do. I just can not keep repeating it all, else my posts would take up pages.

  5. I also wanted to add that by taking a Vitamin D supplement all you are doing is storing FAT in your liver which can take 4 years to get out of your system. I think the best way to get the right ratio of A & D is through the right Cod Liver Oil. There are only 2 with the right ratio.

  6. I am A1298C hetero. My doctor has me on Folpex 2.0. (Gynecologist- I had recurrent miscarriage). I have iron deficiency (treatment: ferrous sulfate 325). Is there a better supplement for me to be taking? I have depression, fatigue, and can’t seem to lose weight through diet and exercise. I’m preparing for an appointment with my GP. Thanks so much for some advice!

      • Joe, I am sorry to say you are incorrect regarding the A1298C MTHFR gene mutation. The single copy decreases the body’s methylation system efficiency down to 60 percent. Laura may take longer than a person with two copies to get sick,but depending on how much her diet and environment is polluted with chemicals and metals etc. she will go downhill healthwise sooner than later.
        The methylation system converts all chemical vitamins into bioavailable forms, so all vitamins taken should be in bioavailable forms. This system also detoxifies all chemicals and heavy metals etc, and the system will wind up overloaded because everything in our environment is highly polluted with chemicals and heavy metals.
        Without enough of the proper vitamins the body can not make the various enzymes and hormones in adequate amounts. That is why we windup with Hypothyroidism, Hyperparathyroidism, gut problems, low testosterone, impaired immune system, etc.

    • If this helps..I drink a glass of orange juice with the iron supplement and it has helped tremendously with absorption and energy levels as well. Plus, it seems to help somehow with a detox in the body.

    • The best iron supplement I’ve taken is Apex Energetics Hemevite. My numbers were in the right place after just a month. During a pregnancy I was anemic and the liquid iron I was on made me feel poorly and stained my teeth. I haven’t had any problems with this one.

  7. I am looking for a little more clarity to heterozygous mutation on MTHFR 1298C. I was just tested by my oncologist due to low levels of iron saturation, (below 15%), insominia, tired, weak, easy bruising, and low ferrate in my blood. I also had a high gamma globulin rate as well, which is pending to see if I have an m-soike… Does this mutation affect my ability to produce healthy levels of iron and RBC..or is there possibly another underlying cause?

  8. plz can u help me i’m lebanese and i’m heterozygous c677t what should i do cz here the doctors not explaining anything and before 2 years i have birth and my daughter 2 months have cancer and she died plz i wanna know if this causes health problems to me and wanna know if there is a risk too if i decide to be pregnant and have a baby i had 2 x miscarege also so plz help me ?

    • Hasmig,
      Firstly , I am so very sorry for the loss of your child- there is no greater sorrow. on earth. My prayers go out to you and your family.
      On MTHFR – I am new to this but I have followed the advice of Naturopath ” Dr Ben Lynch” . He has developed a web site for MTHFR support. I find his advice to be very clear and easy to follow. His advice has helped me. He is very knowledgeable on this condition. He is seen by many as a specialist in MTHFR, and is trying to educate other doctors on this mutation and treatments that have worked to assist with the problems it presents. He also has youtube videos. Here ia link to his suggested protocol for heterogenous C667T. He mentions pregnancy issues in the notes .
      I hope you find the information to help you
      Again so sorry for your loss

    • Sorry to hear Hasmig. Complications of unmanaged MTHFR mutation (and low folate) is miscarriage, but no link that I know of for any types of cancer. You could ask your doctor to test homocysteine, this can give a good clue if your folate metabolism is affected

    • I am sorry to read your troubles and the death of your child.
      Yes, the C677T can cause miscarriage, arthritis, pain, and many other health problems.
      Before modern society with its chemicals in our foods and chemical medicines C677T did not cause any illness or disease.
      If you stop all chemicals and eat food grown with natural fertilizers from animal dung and drink clean water not treated with chemicals you can get well.
      do not use makeup and perfume, you have to stop useing them
      Use vinegar to clean, it kills 99.99% of bacteria and fungus. Use old fashioned soap made from fat and lye.
      Chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, chemical vitamins, get in your body by eating, drinking, and when you inhale air that is not clean.
      Most important only take vitamins that are bioidentical. if you can not get them where you live, eat clean chemical-free food, plants, and meat from animals fed clean chemical-free food. Organic grown food is best.
      The gene makes your body unable to get the chemicals out once they get in. And 40- 60 % of people have C677T or A1298C. If you have two copies you will get ill faster. One copy and you are not so sick until chemicals build up high.
      Medicines are chemicals that can make you sicker, only take them if you must to live. I have to take 5 medicines. Before I.started eating organic foods and clean water I had to take 10 medicines, now only 5.
      If you do these things you will get better.
      A medical study found when you have C677T and take the chemical vitamin called folic acid you will have many miscarriages. the baby will be poisoned by the folic acid and can be born with autism. Many of these babies will develop illnesses and even cancer from all the chemicals.
      Write me if I can help you more.

  9. I am homozygous for the mthft c677t (T/T)
    and have normal or wild type A1298c (A/A)
    My homocysteine level is 8.
    My doctor has suggested Xaquil XR and recommeded at B12 (methylcobalamin.
    Your thoughts on supplementation he suggested

  10. I am compound heterozygous based on a genetic test I took. I don’t seem to have any symptoms of anything though. I wonder how likely it is that other genetic variables we have not yet discovered could influence variable experiences. I regularly exercise, have a halfway decent diet (though there is occasional “junk”), and don’t feel like I have any less energy. I am nevertheless curious by this finding though and want to look into research articles to the extent that they have been published on this matter. Are there a plethora of articles on PubMed?

  11. Hello. I have C677T Mutation with Normal homocysteine levels. I have Family history of schizophrenia and personal history of schizotypo personality disorder.

    I have fatty infiltration in my liver with elevated ALT & AST but no fatty liver dz. I have a chronic elevated IGG4, and severe allergies, recurrent small bowel bacterial overgrowth, nausea, chronic fatigue, proteinuria and hyperlipidemia.

    My heritage is Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican and mix European (Cocktail I know).

    I have discovered these conditions with little help from my primary care provider or any other doctors.

    I put myself on 5-MTHF 1mg, B-Complex, Juice plus, mens health multivitamin (minimal folic acid) and marijuana oil.

    I also take Thrive supplements and since have shown overall improvement.

    My question is should I be doing more. I have been looking info clinical trials for research and have hit a road block. Please let me know if you have any advice

    • Hey,
      The link between b-vitamin deficiency and mental health is interesting.
      You’ve been very proactive, can’t say I have any other recommendations at this stage.
      You must be extra careful with your 5-MTHF dose, keep it low. Because I know those wth bipolar can have severe “reactions” to it. ie mood shift can be dramatic.
      I am unsure about any possible side-effects on schizophrenia, but I appreciate they are quite different.

    • There is a great and very helpful little book from A. Hoffer: ” Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia.” It only costs 7 $ and it is really worth the money and can be extremely helpful to those with bipolar disorders and schizophrenia.

  12. I just had a Genesite test which said i am homozygous for the T allele of C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene. I took the test to find out which medications metabolize for my depression and this result was also in the test. My psychiatrist told me to take twice the recommended dose of folate and come back in 30 days. I metabolize well all of my prescribed medications.

  13. I have the compound mutation, and found out about it after being tested by a specialist during pregnancy. I am wondering if this could have any effect on why I am unable to gain weight?

  14. Can anyone please tell me what these results mean….

    Mthfr methethylenetetrahydrofolate reductase-

    Result: c.665C>T (p.Ala222Val)(historically”thermolabile”,C677T):
    HETEROZYGOUS c.1286A>C (p.Glu429Ala) (historically A1298C):

    INTERPRETATION: The above genotype is unlikely to have clinical
    significance. Our interpretation is based on the current
    understanding of MTHFR genetics and clinical correlation is

    I’ve had other abnormal blood tests such as low protein c activity and elevated factor 8 assay. I’ve had a DVT in my calf and they think or thought it was from birth control pills, so I’ve been off that for almost a year now. I get tingling sensation in my calves at times. I just want answers, because this is scary and should be taken seriously.

    Thank you!!!

    • I was just diagnosed with the same as you..Can you tell me what it means? And what your doing for yes. Thank you.reesey..

      • The interpretation is flawed.
        Studies you can look up on the website say people with the C677T gene tend to get deep vein thrombosis, strokes, elevated homocysteine levels, cardiovascular disease, stillbirths, peripheral neuropathy, and Pre-Eclampsia.
        A1298C gene tends to depression, Fibromyalgia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Schizophrenia, and Migraines.
        If you have both C677T and A1298C all apply and will be more severe if they develop.
        Remember these are tendencies, not that you are guaranteed to develop them.
        Having one gene copy decreases methylation efficiency to 60- 70 %.
        Having two copies it drops to 10-20%.
        As various chemicals build up in the body tissues and blood you develop more and more illnesses. With the methylation system impaired you can not excrete out of the body the chemicals poisoning your body, in addition to being unable to convert chemical vitamins into bioidentical forms your body can use to make the enzymes and hormones it needs to function properly.
        Having additional gene defects such as CBS, MTR, MTRR, COMT, MOA-A, MOA-B will increase severity of illnesses
        High copper and low zinc is a common condition with the MTHFR defect. High copper can cause low iron levels. Also high lead and mercury levels occur with the gene defect. Metal blood level testing is advised.
        You have already had DVT so you need to avoid any medicine that tends to cause blood clots. Vitamin E and Omega-3 and cod liver oil all help to decrease blood clot formation.
        You already have tingling sensations going on, signs of high metal levels and neuropathy. Which is causing it can only be determined by testing.

  15. I’m trying to understand the above based on my daughter’s test: positive for 2 copies of the A1298C variant. Homozygous for the A1298C variant and negative (normal) for the C677T variant in the MTHFR gene. Is there a concern and what should we be doing? I currently have her (8 years old) taking 400 mcg of Biotics Methylfolate Plus.

    I tested positive for 1 copy of the C677T variant and one copy of the A1298C variant. Compound heterozygous for the variants C677T and A1298C in the MTHFR gene. I have high histamine levels. Do you have any recommendations?

    She and I both have lyme disease, food allergies and issues detoxing as well.

    • Everyone on this site who has the MTHFR gene mutation has the exact same problem. The mutation impairs the body’s methylation system. One copy of either C667t or A1298c and the system is down to 60 percent. Two copies and it is down to 10-20 percent.
      This system converts all chemical vitamins to bioavailable vitamins, so all vitamins taken should be in bioavailable form when taken. Your body uses these vitamins into the enzymes and hormones it needs to function properly, not enough available bioidentical vitamins then your body does not make enough enzymes or hormones.This causes Impaired immune systems, hypothyroidism, stomach and gut problems, low testosterone, low DHEA, etc. It also detoxifies all chemicals and metals taken into your body. Your food allergies may be partially reactions to pesticides and chemicals in the foods. I stopped having most food allergic reactions when I started eating organic food, and avoided all GMO foods. Corn is a problem even in organic form,so I avoid all corn and corn products like corn syrup, dextrose, dextrin. Maltodextrin causes my blood sugar to spike, even the tiny amount in the stevia packets. I went from diabetic to no diabetes just by eliminating Maltodextrin from my diet and in my supplements.
      Make these changes and it will help. Avoid foods in plastic as the food will absorb chemicals from the packages. I buy food in glass.

  16. My son was born with Down syndrome and recently diagnosed with autism. He has A1298C + C677T mutation. Can you PLEASE let me know if this has any impact on getting him his immunizations? The school district is going to stop him from attending school if I dont vaccinate him. I don’t know enough about this to know for sure if it is safe for him….. do immunizations have metals in them as preservatives which could be harmful to him?
    Thank you for your time
    Tracy Daly

    • My daughter is 18 years old, she has never had immunization. Before she was born
      I study law and if you say this, the school has got to let your child go to school.
      Tell them that ( it is against your religious conviction and beliefs to take immunization )
      They cant discriminate against your religious conviction and beliefs, they would be in
      violation of the 1964 civil rights act.

      • Thank you so much for your response! Unfortunately the state and schools are getting wise to people playing the religious card! Now– you have to go to a board hearing and answer specific questions about your religion! (Pulling quotes from the Bible is your best bet! IF they think your trying to get away with it, they will refuse it!! I’m dr has found preservative free vaccines- since it’s the metals he can’t get rid of, I think this is my best bet!! 🙁 thanks again!!!!!!!!

    • You can get an exemption for him based on the gene mutations. These cause the body’s methylation system, which detoxifies it, to only work at 10-20 percent. It also impairs the immune system so immunizations may make your child very ill. Your child needs to be checked for blood metal levels, he may already have high lead levels. My son had this even though the county health service could not find any lead in or around our home. He got the immunizations and days later had a seizure and became Autistic. The mercury in the shots poisoned him on top of the lead already in his body.
      Go through the posts on this site and read what I have posted to others to see what other things will help you and your son. There is so much more you can do to help yourself and your son.

  17. Hello,

    I am Heterogeneous for A1298C and have elevated homocysteine levels. I tried L-methylfolate in the past, but it cripples me with very severe joint pain. I’ve suffered from gout for about 15 years.I’m pretty sure my high levels of uric acid and the gene mutation are also connected. Is there an alternative to taking L-methylfolate as a supplement that won’t leave me incapacitated? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

    • I stopped the methyl folate for a week and increased liquid omega 3 doses. Then I added the methlfolate back in gradually. The 2 need to be balanced.

    • All vitamins need to be bioavailable forms that your body does not have to convert, just taking L-methylfolate can cause a vitamin imbalance.

  18. wow.. this site has been very informative. I have been searching for over 10 yrs to find what on earth was wrong with me . I googled Doctor Mercola and saw the interview with Doc Kalish and found a practitioner in my country to speak to , which in turn lead me down this path. I have the homozygous A1298c . made so much sense to me and all my symtoms. I will be getting my daughter checked also. This is the first time i have had real answers, so i do hope I can improve from here.. Thanks Joe for your site ;))

    • People need to be aware that the MTHFR gene mutations are very common, recent studies show 40- 60% of people have MTHFR gene mutations!

    • Since you have two copies you already know your child has one copy of the A1298C, the other copy comes from your husband. Hopefully she only has the one mutation.

  19. HI, I am homozygous. I also had a kidney stone removed in April of this year and another removed in 2015. Before I had the kidney stone last year I was eating lots of foods with folate in them, which create oxalates in the kidneys. What diets would you recommend?

  20. Hi…I just had two back to back miscarriages…I was diagnosed by my obgyn that I had homozygous C677T MTHFR mutation. He tested my Homocyst(e)ine levels and came back normal…I’m completely scared and lost as to what is wrong with me…what do you recommend to take or do? Does having this mutation affect me having a future healthy pregnancy/baby?

    • CPG,

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve switched my prenatal to something that has the active form of folate (L-methylfolate) as opposed to folic acid. I’ve also added a daily methylfolate supplement and a baby aspirin. There are many women who have the homozygous C667T mutation that go on to have healthy babies. Fingers crossed for both of us!

      • The latest studies show that 98% of autistic children and adults have the MTHFR gene mutation.
        If the mother’s blood levels of folic acid are high then the baby will be born with Autism.
        High blood folic acid levels will cause miscarriathe,also.
        Children with the MTHFR gene mutation who are not born with autism can develop autism after chemical and/or heavy metal exposure.
        As long as you avoid folic acid and chemicals your body can not detoxify and excrete, then you should be able to have a healthy child. Have the baby tested so you will know if they inherited the mutation and how careful you need to be to protect the baby from chemical and heavy metal exposures.
        I did not know about these things 20 years ago. My son developed autism after getting his six month immunizations, the mercury poisoned him and he became autistic less than a week later.

        • Since you have two copies of the MTHFR gene mutation, any child you have will have one copy of that gene. The other gene will come from your husband.
          You need to take bioidentical vitamins, your body’s methylation system can not convert chemical vitamins into bioavailable forms.
          Avoid wheat products as they add folic acid to all wheat. Check everything you eat or drink for added folic acid. Do not take just methylfolate or L-methylfolate alone, this will cause a vitamin imbalance.
          Avoid all the chemicals that you can. Once they get in, the methylation system being at only 10-20 percent, the system can not get them out and will store them in your body tissues.
          You slowly get sicker and sicker, and everyone starts treating you like you are crazy, especially physicians as they can not figure out what is going on.
          All this information on the MTHFR gene mutations is new in the last five years. Most information is coming out of China if you look at studies on the website. One person might be listed from an American university and the rest from a Chinese university with the actual study being done at the Chinese university.

  21. Hi- I found out at 23 that I have MTHFR C677T gene mutation (heterozygous). I’m very healthy and have never had any problems (at least not that I’m aware of). I guess from the article I am not quite sure exactly what kind of issues the heterozygous mutation could cause? I currently take- prenatal vitamin, B12 sublingually, and Fish Oil. Are there any other supplements you recommend? I am now 28 and am going to try and start a family– should there be any concerns? I’ve asked my doctors about it but no one seemed worried about it so I didn’t worry about it until I started thinking I wanted to have children. Thanks so much for your time and help.

  22. I am MTHFR T167 and was told by nutritionist to eat leafy greens to acquire more folate. Yet, I took a couple of online analysis inventories which used my info, and these told me not to consume folate or folic acid. I am confused. Do I need folate through leafy greens or not? Is there some other factor that it is considering?

      • Hydroxocobalamin is the most bioavailable form of B12, however people with the MTHFR gene mutation have difficulties absorbing it,so it has to be injected
        The bioidentical folate form called L-methylfolate is what would work best for you.
        Plants contain all forms of folate, ie folic acid, folate, methylfolate and L-methylfolate. The levels of each vary plant to plant but most is made up of methylfolate and L-methylfolate. The levels in plants of folic acid and folate are very, very minuscule and not a problem as long as you avoid all processed foods containing added chemical folic acid. This means all wheat flour and products containing wheat flour since they are “enriched” with folic acid.
        If you have one copy of C677T your methylation system will be 60- 70% efficient so it should be able to methlyate the plants folate and folic acid unless you have too many chemicals in your body.
        The methylation system converts chemical vitamin forms into bioidentical vitamins it uses to make enzymes and hormones. It also detoxifies various chemicals poisons and heavy metals and works to excrete them from the body .
        You also need to check any processed foods for folic acid including vitamins.
        If you purchase processed foods free of folic acid make sure they come in glass,foods in cans and plastic absorb chemicals from them. Especially if they are liquid like spaghetti sauce. Buy organic to avoid pesticides and other chemicals.
        You will need to avoid chemicals to give your body the smallest chemical load you can manage. Go slow and low dose with bioidentical vitamins as too much at once can make you ill, your body will go into overdrive trying to get rid of chemicals it could not detox before from a lack vitamins.

  23. Hi,

    My name is Sufian. I’m from Malaysia. 6 months ago I tested for MTHFR mutation. Here is the result:

    677C>T : Normal
    1298A>C: Homozygous mutant

    What does this result means? Do I have MTHFR C677T Mutation even though it stated there normal?

    Appreciate your advice here as doctors in malaysia are not familiar with this. Please help.

    • These are two different genes. Your result shows two normal normal copies on one set of genes (MTHFR 667), which is a good thing for you. Your other set of genes has two defective copies (MTHFR 1298).

      This is a very good basic explanation here:

      “Homozygous A1298C (two bad copies) can also be written as C1298C (because there are two abnormal copies with C instead of A). Occasionally you’ll also see it written 1298CC”

      “Homozygous MTHFR A1298C (C1298C) have about 65% normal activity (so 35% compromise). Normal activity refers to the way your body converts folic acid to 5-L-methyltetrahydrafolate (the active form) so that it can be used. Compromise in this case looks like a folate deficiency.”

      • They made a mistake on the website.
        One copy of a MTHFR gene mutation will lower methylation efficiency to 60-70 percent.
        Two copies will lower it to 10-20 percent.
        The methylation system converts all chemical vitamins into bioavailable forms. It also detoxifies poison, chemicals, heavy metals like lead and mercury, etc and works to excrete them out of the body. So if you have two copies you need to avoid chemicals as much as possible.

  24. thank you for this article. I recently found out I am compound hetero. i used to struggle with fatigue. ever since I began taking low dose naltrexone, i don’t struggle with fatigue. I don’t have tons of consistent energy, but I feel a lot more like what imagined “normal” to be. my “bad” cholesterol is a little on the high side. researcher Ray Peat has some interesting things to say about “bad cholesterol”. after following his research for a few months, I like what he has to say. that said, my father has had multiple TIAs and probably one significant stroke. there is not heart disease on mom’s side of the family. my father is still in great shape for 90 and hasn’t had a stroke or tia for 3 years. 3 years ago, i took him off his statin drug (atorvastatin), the prostate meds (flomax and the little blue one that blocks testosterone uptake and helps guys not go bald), the blood pressure meds, and the antidepressant. I give hime a lot of magnesium, msm, milk thistle extract, and vitamin C, as well as a multivite. he also gets DMSO on his knee, shoulder, and abdomen a few times a week. he takes colloidal silver to prevent utihe’s got a healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy lungs, healthy kidneys, fairly healthy eyes, all of his teeth, a healthy digestive tract (needs a little help staying regular) and a full head of hair. he also doesn’t get sick nearly as often as those around him. i wonder if something I am doing is lowering his homocystein levels. your thoughts?

    • High homocysteine is caused by low bioavailable folate, or low B12, or low magnesium, or a mixture of all these nutrients.
      Colloidal silver should not be taken continuously as even without the MTHFR gene mutation, once it gets in the body it gets stored in the body’s tissues. People literally turn blue from the silver, and there is no way to get it out. A cranberry supplement is safer. Basicly, you want to keep the urine acidic and this prevents UTIs.
      Statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10, ubiquinol is the bioavailable form. When they first started giving patients Statin drugs, patients would die of heart attacks with perfect blood fat levels, high HDL and low LDL / LDL . Your cells, and heart cells especially, need ubiquinol to make ATP which is the gasoline of the cell. Too low CoQ10 levels and you die. I worked for one of the first physicians to prescribe a Statin drug and our patients who got it all died of heart attacks. Your body also needs 200mcg selenium and 500mg vitamin C to use it properly.

  25. Hi. My 9 year old son is hetero c677t. ( I think that’s what the blood test came back as) He displays with ADHD inattentive type and also mild ASD tendencies. None of these have been officially diagnosed. His primary issue is focus and attention at school. He is very social and talkative, just a bit quirky. I would like to know what I should do for him to help him.

    • I have two children (10yr old son, 12yr old Daughter) that were both diagnosed at the age of seven with ADD. My daughter is inattentive and my son presents as hyperactive. My bloodwork just came back and I’m also hetero c677t. I’m wondering if my diagnosis could be the cause of both my children having ADD? This is all new to me as well. I’m 42 and have been sick pretty much my whole life. Eighteen major surgeries to be exact. Allergies, asthma, severe anxiety disorder, depression, IBS, and the list goes on. More bloodwork from my GP had been ordered but she admits to not having a whole lot of knowledge on MTHFR. Hopefully she will be able to locate a doctor that has an understanding of MTHFR that I can talk to. I’m also wondering since I have the mutation of I should have my children tested as well?

      • Yes, you should have your children tested because the MTHFR mutation is a genetic disorder, so you possibly passed along the defect to one or both of your children:

        “If you find out you have an MTHFR mutation…It’s a good idea to check your kiddos too, or just switch them over to the methyl forms of B vitamins.”

        Without any testing, the easiest thing to do for both yourself and your children is to make sure that if you take any supplemental vitamins they do not contain any “folic acid” in them. Also, do not eat any foods enriched or fortified with folic acid, which is almost all white bread, pasta, cereal, boxed foods etc. Then, when you visit your doctors, they can instruct you on how much methyl-folate (not the same as folic acid) and methyl-B12 to include in your vitamin regimens.

        • It makes me sad to see people with the MTHFR gene mutation who feel guilty about how it affects their children.
          This mutation is harmless as long as you do not eat, drink, or inhale any man-made chemicals. It is our society and its casual attitude toward chemical pollution and chemical use that has done this to us.
          40 to 60 percent of people have one or more MTHFR mutations, we are not a small group of people. You get two people together and one will most likely have it.

  26. Hi. I’ve just got my blood test results back & they say “Detected Heterozygous” for MTHR C677T & MTHR A1298C. What the heck does this mean?! My doctor had no idea….a naturopath advised me to get this test due to my exhaustion, irritability, not being able to lose weight etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Katherine

    • It means your body’s methylation system is impaired and only working at 10-20 percent efficiency. This system converts chemical vitamins into bioavailable vitamins, detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals, etc.
      What should you do? Please go through all the posts on this page for ones written by me to see. I am very sick and unable to keep repeating the same information. There is so much that you can do.

  27. I use Daily Essential Nutrients supplement if you are in need of a methylfolate supplement that is balanced properly to not create a reaction (and to help calm)

  28. I have a 4 year old daughter with Spina Bifida. I got the MTHFR test done and shown to be C677T heterozygous mutation. My doc doesn’t know anything and I can’t get in to see a genetic counselor for months. What exactly should I be taking? I want to conceive again and am at all costs trying to avoid another defect. I have no other health problems or diagnosed disorders. Do you need a prescription based folate or B12 or over the counter. What is available?

    • At the bottom of my genetic test result is an 800 telephone # that my physician can call, so I can not imagine your physician not having the same. Get a copy of your test results and take a look. If you had the test done at the hospital or clinic just go to Medical Records, sign a form and they give you a copy of the test results. You have a legal right to copies of your records. I get a copy every time I get a test done.
      With one copy of C667T you have a methylation system that is only 60-70 percent efficient. This system converts chemical vitamins into bioavailable forms that your body uses to make enzymes and hormones your body needs to function. It also detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals that need to be excreted from your body. If your body is overloaded, metals and chemicals build up in your blood and tissues. And your body starts having difficulty converting chemical vitamins into bioavailable vitamin forms.
      You need to take a complete whole food vitamin and mineral supplement. Taking only one vitamin alone in bioidentical form can cause a vitamin imbalance . And trigger a methylation cascade that can make you feel worse. You need to avoid folic acid since you body has problems converting it into L-methylfolate that it can use.
      Folic acid is in wheat flour, it is what they use to “enrich” it. Any processed food could contain folic acid so you need to check every packaged food you eat for folic acid and wheat flour and just flour.
      The latest study shows high folic acid blood levels in the mother cause the baby to be born with Autism.

  29. This is what my results said: This individual is homozygous for the A1298C variant andnegative (normal) for the C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene.This result is not associated with a significantly increased risk for coronary artery disease. I don’t really know what steps I need to take from here. My doctor really didn’t discuss it with me, he just wrote it on my report.

    • Tendancy to develop with the A1298C. are:
      Depression, Fibromyalgia, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Schizophrenia, ,Migraines.
      Now I have two copies of C667T. and I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Migraines. And lots of other things wrong that are on the C667T list, too.
      You have to realize that what they are doing is testing people, then they make note of what diseases the person has, and if more people in one group has a particular disease then they say that group tends to get the disease. That does not mean you will not tend to and get coronary heart disease.
      In fact, they are finding that it is high blood calcium levels, not high blood fat levels that cause atheroscerosis and coronary heart disease. If you are an adult and your blood calcium is 9.5 and higher, then you have a problem. You may even have Hyperparathyroidism and need surgery like I did for a benign tumor if you have high blood calcium levels . The tumor caused osteoporosis and made me feel like I was dying
      Basically all these problems are caused by a lack of useable vitamins and minerals, and an inability to detoxify chemicals.

  30. Hi, I really need some clarity and direction with my test results. My homocysteine levels are 10.7; however at a molecular level Mutation C677T says HOMOZYG MUT AB and next to it it says negative, but in the interpretation it says “The MTHFR gene was examined for the C667T mutation. Both alleles of the MTHFR gene show the C667Tmutation, indicating that this patient is homozygous for this mutation. This specimen was also examined for the A1298C mutation, which was found to be absent.”
    I have a complete panel done about once to twice a year and see an slight high RBC count, it’s pretty consistent. I know b vitamins help produce RBCs…I am scared the vitamin treatment for what I have will hurt me not help me. My father died at 50 with peripheral neuropathy, CHF, and diabetes. He also suffered with depression the majority of his life. He was also an addict (alcohol, food, and pain pills). He was not tested for this mutation at all. I am the first in my family to get tested because I threw clots in 2006 after being on birth control for a few months to control my PCOS. I just need help and peace of mind and direction. I started a whole plant foods diet this year as well…no meat or dairy so alot of my vitamins are ingested. What can I do to help myself? After reading this article I feel helpless. Thank you again.

    • If you take vitamin E, Omega- 3 supplement or cod liver oil they will help to keep you blood from developing blood clots.
      With two copies of the MTHFR gene mutation your body’s methylation system efficiency is down to 10-20 percent. This body system detoxifies poison, chemicals, heavy metals, etc
      It also converts chemical vitamins into bioavailable vitamins which your body needs to make various enzymes and hormones the body needs to function properly.This is where your PCOS is coming from, lack of usable vitamins.
      Because efficiency is so low you need to avoid chemicals, pesticides, chemical vitamins. Organic foods are best. Avoid perfume, room fresheners, makeup, etc.
      All these things will help.

    • Vitamins will not hurt you if they are in bioavailable forms that your body does not have to convert , you also need minerals your body can use without conversion. I use organic whole food vitamins made by Garden of Life and add minerals and a few other vitamins and boost to what my body needs to function properly.
      Like Niagen and Sirutan by HPN for energy and repair, and reduced glutathione to detox the chemicals my body is trying to get rid of.
      All the medical problems your father had are illnesses the MTHFR gene mutations give people the tendancy to develop, between the inability to convert chemical vitamins and the need for vitamins the body will cause cravings. The body does not know exactly what you eat will contain, but it will push you to eat and drink. Over time the lack of vitamins and minerals will cause weight gain, pain, CHF, peripheral neuropathy, and all the rest that he developed.

  31. Thank you for the 101, easy to grasp and understand explanation of this difficult to understand information. I would love to have just the short video and written transcript to share with others. If i send someone to your site and then they start reading all the comments I know they will be frightened with the various information I read.

  32. hi wife has heterozygous silent mutation where prenisalone methotrxate intagram and privigen has not helped ck level was 3765 nowhas gone up to over 4000 muscles in legs are really bad we are in adelaide australia WORST CASE THEY HAVE EVER SEEN FROM A PRESCRIBED DRUG STATIN INDUCED MYOPATHY COULD YOU PLS ADVISE THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON NPOWS FOR 2 YEARS

    • Statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10, also called Ubiquinol, you start with 100 mg two times a day . Do NOT use Ubiquinone it is depleted and useless in people with MTHFR gene mutation. You also need Selenium 200 mcg once a day, and Vitamin C 500mg daily to help the body use the Ubiquinol.
      I do not know what silent mutation is, so I can not help with that.

  33. I’m Homozygous for C677T and have had 3 children. I just want those of you who are in the same boat and are wondering if you will ever have children to know that there is hope. I actually didn’t know I had mthfr until after having my 3rd child. I didn’t have easy pregnancies but I do have 3 healthy children. A few years after my last child I found out I had severe endometriosis which led me to getting the testing done. I now take the methylated B vitamins every day and other supplements. It is a constant battle — staying healthy and not letting stress affect me. I had shingles last year that lasted for over 5 months (PHN). That was another wake up call to take better car of myself.

    • The stress triggers shingles in me at least once a year. The interesting thing is if I take Zovirax ( Acyclovir ) ,which is the first drug developed for shingles, then the shingles after just two tablets will dry up and go away. If I take one of the newer drugs they either work poorly or do nothing. If you were using one of the newer drugs, then ask for Zovirax from your physician next time and see if it works better on your shingles.

  34. What do these SNPs translate to on 23andMe? I have the ability to browse my raw dna data, but none of these listed SNPs are coming up at all! When I just search “MTHFR” a whole list comes up, but the SNP naming convention is different, and looks fore like “rs12023469” or “i6015173”.

    Thanks for any help!

  35. I am homozygous for A1298C and have high homocysteine despite taking methylfolate (7.5mg/day). What else can I try?

    • You need all your vitamins and minerals in bioavailable forms, they all work together so taking one alone is not helping as much as it could. It depends on the balance of them all, L-methylfolate, hydroxocobalamin ( injection ), and B6 in the pyridoxine form. Pyridoxine is used because it can enter the cell and be converted into the active form, pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) . In contrast, P5P can not enter cells. And without P5P in the cell ATP energy manufacturing in the cell by the mitochondria is impaired.
      Low B12 causes high homocysteine , so will low magnesium levels. This is why just taking the correct folate will often not fix the problem. All vitamins and minerals need to be in the correct form.
      And avoid as much as you can chemicals. Read my other posts on this site to understand why. Hope this helps you.

  36. My doctor FINALLY ordered a GeneSight test because the medical history I have for medications NOT working or having an extremely SHORT period of time that it works as indicated it should finally started making her suspect I was a nutjob.

    This behavior by “medical professionals” is something I’m used to. I’ve known I was sick since I was 6 years old and began studying anatomy, physiology, herbs, oils, and….procedures back then. I decided I wanted to be a neurosurgeon….which is ironic for a reason I’ll get to later.

    I got marred and we waited so long to start babies people back home (we’re military and lived far away from our home state) began telling rumors they thought I was probably sterile. Really, I just wanted to know what a PCS (move to a new base) was going to be like and how often they’d happen. Turns out, it is every 3 years on the DOT. So as soon as we moved to our new base, I started a rapid detox of my entire body and did so for 6 months. Then March of the following year being the end of that 6 months, I called family and let them know we’ll be calling them with a due date as soon as we had one. Based on my own calculations…January 13th would have been his due date. That too….I knew I was having a boy so I told them that as well. And his name. They treated me like I was insane.

    Cinco de Mayo I was making phone calls that I was knocked up and due….January 13th. He ended up being a he….moving right along. When I delivered him, it was about 28 minutes of pushing which my midwife had never seen a first time mother do. She also thought, based on my appearance, I had to be “off” by a few weeks on my date of conception. I wasn’t. She examined the alfterbirth and said “Yep….that’s DEFINITELY a 41 week 5 day sac. She told me they can tell by color and a couple other things, but was again shocked that I appeared to the EYES to be about 5 months along, but I was 39 weeks when we told people at church we were having a baby. Lol I was wearing all of the same clothes to church that I always had.

    I found out something in September of that year that changed my life over night. I started having extremely odd neurological deficits and Sxs…..I went through my Left brain catalogue of “random, meaningless” crap I learned reading medical encyclopedia’s for fun when I was young and knew I needed a MRI. Badly. Stress exacerbated ALL of my Sxs. My doctor told me it was “all in your head”. He was sort of right.

    I pushed from January to September, during which time my husband was deployed, trying to get ANYONE to listen to me instead of chuck pills down my throat, which I refused. I finally told my doctor if he ordered the MRI and it came back with NO problems…I’d pay for it. He stuck his hand out to shake mine…like we were in the OK Corral and just made a deal over the cost per head of cattle. Unfortunately for him….and me too I suppose, the results came back with Arnold Chiari malformation 1 and syringomyelia.

    I’ve spent over a decade reading scholarly articles and studies to better understand this issue, because another thing I knew was….I was going to have a daughter. In my dreams…she aged as our marriage aged. She also slowly lost her smile in my dreams. The year before I had her I stopped dreaming about her. After 2 brain surgeries I made sure the surgeon as sure it was safe for me to be pregnant. He so absolutely. The hard part wasn’t for 10 months. I wanted him to be sure because it was the middle of July and when I family plan….my body does what I tell it to. that was the 2nd week of July. My brother’s wedding was August 10th. By the morning of the 13th, she was in there…on her way.

    I knew the day I saw her in the OB OR she was sick too. I could tell immediately that she had chiari….and it was WORSE than mine. Four pediatricians and TONS of insults later, I FINALLY found a pediatrician to check. If it isn’t on my husband’s orders when we’re moved, we won’t be sent somewhere that she’ll have access to a pediatric neurosurgeon.

    They did the MRI, she DID have chiari, and…yes, her cerebellular tonsil herniation is 3x worse than mine was, going by measurements alone. They STILL treat me like a moron.

    I went and did the GeneSight swab so ascertain if I had the homo MTHFR…I’d asked one of those 4 pediatricians to test our children for it, she refused and called me “insane”. Now that I have my results and they say:

    “This individual is homozygous, for the C allele of the C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene. This genotype is associated with normal folic acid metabolism, normal serum folate levels, and normal homocysteine levels.”

    Then….no one in the report NOR in my doctor’s office took the time to explain to me what exactly that means. If all of those things are working “normally” what effect on my health does a MTHFR homo C677T have?

    I am trying STILL to get the pediatricians to do this test for our children. First they told me the easiest way was to have a familial relative in immediate nucleus family (mother, father, or sibling) that has the mutation but given the THREE generations of females have extreme odd and difficultly treated conditions, they’d be most likely to just test my girl when my result was positive. My mother had a over 10 hour brain surgery in 1986 to untangle a vascular mass that pressed up against her 5th cranial nerve after she delivered me. Bearing down is a dangerous business for a chiari patient. Me having chiari, not knowing I had chiari, and delivering our son vaginal in 28 minutes took NO guess work on how I blew a synrinx into my spinal cord.

    With a medical history like that, I’d assumed they’d have just lined the children up and swabbed their cheeks immediately. But…they aren’t.

    Can you tell me what MTHFR homo C677T means for me? What it could mean for my children?

    I am currently looking at diagnoses for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardic Syndrome) as well but…none of these people here know what they are doing. I am in a precarious place of knowing MORE than they do, trying to HELP them do the right things without actually TELLING them to so as not to tweak their egos, and point them in the direction of specialists and tests that must happen for these things to be documented.

    Don’t worry when I say this, because I always sort myself out eventually…but this entire thing has driven me half insane multiple times. KNOWING there is something wrong and someone not being willing to look is hard. They insult YOU, the patient, because their objective exam after my subjective reported symptoms doesn’t show anything OBVIOUS being afoot. So, they tell me I need therapy and to go away. They did that when I told them my daughter was exhibiting symptoms of pain. It is too bad there is no law against doctors offending or pushing patients to the edge of their sanity. Perhaps they’d do it LESS if there were. I try not to rub it in their faces when they are actually doing their job. But the FIRST people who I remind that I am aware they are “PRACTICING” medicine on me, and maybe they might want to listen to the person who HAS this body and tries to function in it the other 23 hours of the day I am NOT in their office, get even MORE snippy than they already were and leave the exam room, refusing to treat me.

    I saw a Dermatologist for what was supposed to be a routine skin biopsy to be sent for genetic testing for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He scoffed at me. Then he tried to administer the OLD Beighton test, didn’t look at ANY of the scars on my body, the light blue sclera in the corners of my eyes, my jaw, shoulders, and everything else that click in and out almost every single movement I make… The worst part was he did it in front of my husband and TWO residents. He wasn’t in the room 5 minutes, he treated me like I was stupid, and left.

    I’ve been at this since I was 6. Trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Now that all 3 of my children have one or MORE of these problems in varying degrees and….I’m dying….I’m getting pretty desperate for answers. My husband is extremely intelligent. But not with medicine. He’s a cyber warfare specialist. He doesn’t know ANYthing about these conditions. I had to tell HIM that he had hypermobility EDS, scoliosis, sleep apnea, and a couple other things. NO one bothered to tell him that stuff until he met ME. I was 25 and he was almost 28.

    I really need to know more about MTHFR but…MY MTHFR. The homo MTHFR C677T that I have, I need to understand it, how it effects me, and how it may be presenting in young children, so I can watch my children and make a paper trail with the pediatricians. The military moves us again next year. I will be starting ALL over again. I start over every 3 years. It is getting harder and harder to do it.

    • They probably do not want to test the children because they do not understand what the tests mean. This is a new field, genetics, and new information is coming out every month, especially about the MTHFR gene mutations. Also, with Republicans trying to eliminate Obamacare’s rule that health insurances can not refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions nor charge higher premiums, if you have genetic testing done soon the insurance coverage for your children may be a problem in the future. Also, if you get genetic testing done through 23andMe, started by wife of Google’s founder, they do not keep that information private and they also sell it to other companies. Not good. Only do it if you use a fake name and use one of those fillable debit cards you can purchase in Walgreens and other stores. Make sure to use cash to purchase it, since they can get your information from the credit/debit card you purchase it with if you do.
      Basicly, if you only have c667t to pass genetically to your children you know without testing that they have at least one copy. The other MTHFR gene they have comes from your husband. Everytime you or one of your family sees the doctor get a copy of all tests, after 7-
      10 years they are allowed to toss the information, so if you do not have a copy, then you are up the creek because you will not be able to get it.
      If you go through all I have posted on questions before yours,then you will understand what it means and what you have to do. I just do not have the energy to keep reposting the same information over and over again.I have two copies of C667t and am very sick after 50 plus years of doing all the wrong things.
      Now I avoid chemicals, take Niagen and Sirutan made by HPN, and take reduced Glutathione to help my body detoxify the chemicals and crap stored in my body.Since you can read medical studies, you can go to and at the bottom of their pages they have study references you can click on which will take you directly to the studies themselves so you can read them. Most are posted studies on the site, but if you go directly to nih. gov. you can only read the abstracts and have to pay to read the studies. I have no business with HPN, I only buy from them some supplements that I take personally. Also, if you go to GlutathionePro. com they also have studies at the bottom of the page to click on. Same situation, I have no monetary interest in this website either.
      I know how you feel, I have had weird dreams come true etc. I just think some of us who have this happen are somehow have a quantum physics connection with our future. Like our brains are making a connection to the future and bringing back information from there. So we seem crazy to the doctors but then we are correct when they finally do the tests we ask for. I have two letters of apology from physicians, but then they are not military. In the military no one apologizes.

  37. Hi!

    Maybe you can help me here,

    I am:

    MTHFR C77T +/- (Hetero)
    MTHFR A1298A +/+ (Normal)
    COMT V158M +/- (Hetero)
    VDR Taq +/- (Hetero)

    From different sources I understand I would get more benefit from either Hydroxocobalamin or Adenosyl (B12).

    Now, I understand with these mutations I would NOT benefit from Methylfolate, is that allright? Is there any alternative to it?


    • Yes, L-Methylfolate. Also,the Hydroxocobalamin has to be injected, not the oral form. Gut problems that come with MTHFR gene mutation make it necessary to inject it.

      • The stomach absorption difficulties come from the body not having enough vitamins to make digestive enzymes properly.
        So do you see how the MTHFR gene mutation affects more than just the folic acid conversion everyone focuses on? It prevents the conversion of all chemical vitamins, and the making of thyroid, testosterone, and other hormones, too.
        To reduce the load on the methylation system we all need to eat organic food, avoid as many chemicals as possible, such as air fresheners, cologne, skin products, etc.

        • You also need ALL your vitamins and minerals in the correct bioavailable forms, they all work together. See the other persons post above this one for clarification. Too tired to repeat it all.

  38. Aren’t one and two the same? I thought 1 copy of the C677T MTHFR mutation and heterozygous for the C677T MTHFR mutation are the same thing??

    (1) Experience demonstrates that those with 1 copy of the C677T MTHFR mutation do not need much methylfolate beyond what is found in the Optimal Multivitamin line.

    (2) If you are heterozygous for the C677T MTHFR mutation, the recommendations below are likely not needed. You are welcome to try them but it is highly encouraged that you proceed cautiously in order to prevent side effects from excessive methylfolate.

  39. Yes, heterozygous is gene science vocabulary meaning”one copy “. I have two copies and the Garden of Life organic whole food multivitamin I take supplies the RDA, and that is enough for my body to function properly. The problem is physicians somehow got the idea that the problem is only with folic acid and that high dose methylfolate is the solution. I have no idea where that misinformation came from. Perhaps Joe knows.

  40. I just found out about a month ago that I have T677T genetics. I found out from my psychiatrist, who did a gene test (swabbing the inside from my mouth), saying that this test often shows what psychiatric meds may possibly be good for me, since these medications must cross the blood brain barrier with a process I could not quite understand. But anyway, the results found the T677T genetic defect. My psychiatrist said that this may be one of the reasons that my body does not metabolize medications well–I have a history of meds not working at all, needing the highest dose of the med, or it working for about a year then stopping. She suggested that I take a small methyl folate supplement, and see what happens.
    One med was wrong for me in the first place, but the other one helped me a lot in a short period of time! I realize that it is too early to say if the methyl folate helped this quickly, but this has never happened to me before but I feel better in other ways too. Please reply and make a comment if you have heard if the supplement methyl folate possibly helps metabolize meds better.

    • Your body needs all your vitamins and minerals in bioavailable form. It uses these to make the enzymes and hormones it uses to function properly. Not enough of one enzyme then the body can not process and use medicines correctly. T667T is unfamiliar to me, I have two copies of C667T, is T667T a different notation for having two copies of C667T?

    • This is almost exactly what happened to me. I was swabbed by my psychiatrist too and am found to be homozygous T677T. I started Deplin, prescription methylfolate immediately along with upping my vitamin D which had shown to be a 31 (minimum should be 30) and between the two I got pregnant immediately (after having tried for several months) and my mood just feels so much less anxious and more stable!

  41. Alexa Hill, hi! T677T is the same thing as homozygous C677T. I have another question, though. Should people with this genetic makeup take dissolvable B12 as well? I heard that some people can have a lack of B12, especially those with psychological problems. Please answer if you can.

    • From all the studies I have read, when you have two copies of the MTHFR gene mutations absorbing and converting B12 seems to be harder than folate.
      ( Big notation here, I wish they would stop calling Folate by the name “folic acid”. Our bodies need and use Folate, folic acid is an inorganic chemical that the body can not use at all unless it is converted )
      First, B12 binds with a glycoprotein called TCN1 which is secreted by the salivary glands. B12 is acid sensitive, so binding with TCN1 allows the B12 to survive getting through the stomach and into the small intestine intact. This means you need to chew your meat well to get the saliva to bind with the B12 in it. If you swallow a pill, the B12 in it will be destroyed when it dissolves in the stomach acid. In the small intestine pancreatic enzymes digest the TCN1 freeing the B12, so it can then bind to intrinsic factor. (Intrinsic factor, or GIF, is encoded by the GIF gene which is on chromosome 11.)

      • Now the B12/ intrinsic factor molecule is able to be absorbed by the enterocytes of the small intestine. Once inside the enterocytes the B12 unbinds again, and then binds to another enzyme called TCN2. This new molecule can then leave the enterocytes, into the bloodstream, and then to the liver, where the B12 is stored. The liver is able to store enough B12 that you could go 2-4 years without eating any food containing B12. Since bioavailable B12 is only found in animal foods, none in plants, being able to store enough B12 to tide a human over for years is a huge advantage. This also tides people over who decide to become vegans but if they do not get B12 through supplements they will start to have neurological problems after a few years.
        People start having problems when they do not chew food well due to tooth or jaw problems, or their stomach acid drops and the low acid makes unhooking TCN1 from B12 in the small intestine difficult. Or the small intestine does not secrete intrinsic factor anymore from a loss of beneficial bacteria due to antibiotic use, or due to eating GMO food that is sprayed with Roundup.
        Roundup is actually a antibiotic that is used as a pesticide.Well, not really, it was first developed and used as an anti-scale chemical to strip mineral scale off the inside of pipes and water storage tanks. Then they found the stuff killed the bacteria keeping plants alive, and started using it as a weed killer.
        So you can see that so much can go wrong in getting B12 inside your body by the oral route. Symptoms of B12 deficiency are many, but the main two markers are MAMA ( serum methylmalonic acid) and high homocysteine.Everyone thinks low folate causes high homocysteine levels, but low B12 is the more common cause of high homocysteine. Symptoms of B12 deficiency can be gait problems, muscle loss which will progress to frailty, depression, memory problems that can progress to dementia, carpal tunnel syndrome that can progress to neuropathy, etc.
        In Europe they prefer to use oral B12 for B12 supplementation, but GMOs and Roundup is almost banned there. Here in the US, physicians prefer B12 injections, which makes sense with the GMO and Roundup problems, high use of antibiotics, and people wolfing their food down without chewing it well.
        My physician is trying to get hydroxocobalamin for injection for me. I eat organic and avoid chemicals as much as possible, but I have absorption problems due to celiac and years of chemical exposure from work and food,etc.
        Another question is if the tablet or dissoluble form can bind to the TCN1 enzyme in the saliva, which it needs to do to survive the stomach acid, or will that form survive without the TCN1? TCN1 will bind to the form of B12 found in animal sources, ice liver, beef,lamb,chicken, eggs, and dairy foods. I could not find any information on TCN1 interacting with non-animal B12 forms. All these factors need to be taken into account in deciding what form of B12 is best for you.
        I have two copies of the MTHFR gene mutations so an injection of the most bioavailable form of B12 is best for me.I had been using a liquid B12 that I placed under my tongue to mix with saliva, but it gave me high blood levels of B12 and I had symptoms of B12 deficiency. My body was unable to convert the cyanocalbalamin further into a bioavailable form my body could use. A person with only one copy may be able to swallow and convert a less bioavailable form of B12, my son has one copy and is doing well on an oral form of B12.
        I did find a study that found the human body can only absorb and use a small amount of B12 at one time. After 4-6 hours the body would be able to absorb more B12 once again. They thought it may be due to the small intestine making a very minute amount of intrinsic factor, and it taking 4-6 hours for the small intestine to make more. So taking small amounts of B12 every 4-6 hours gave higher blood levels of B12, than if you took the same amount once a day. Hope this answers your question adequately.

    • This question about B12 has been of interest to me so I just spent another 10+ hours on researching it. Learned some very interesting things.
      First, cyanocobalamin is a totally synthetic form of B12 where cobalamin is combined with cyanide, to form cyanocobalamin. If you do not have the MTHFR gene mutations and your methylation system is working in top form, then your methylation system will convert cyanocobalamin into the physiological forms, Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, leaving behind the cyanide molecule. The only time you find cyanocobalamin naturally in the human body is if you consume cyanide and are suffering from cyanide poisoning. Methylcobalamin is the antidote for cyanide poisoning. The methyl unhooks from the cobalamin so that the cyanide can get hooked onto the cobalamin, then the methyl system processes the cyanocobalamin to detoxify it.
      Since we have the MTHFR gene mutations our methylation systems can not detoxify the cyanocobalamin molecule, so the cyanocobalamin builds up in our bloodstreams and the cobalamin part of the molecule is unavailable for use. Removing the cyanide molecule from the cyanocobalamin and then flushing it out of your body requires using “methyl groups” of molecules that are also needed to fight things like homocysteine.
      Before 1998 the only form of B12 available in the USA was cyanocobalamin, then in 1998 Methylcobalamin, (then being used only in Japan) became available in the USA.
      So why do they still use cyanocobalamin in multivitamins? Because it is about 100 times cheaper than Methylcobalamin. But if you have the MTHFR gene your body can not use cyanocobalamin, anymore than your body can use folic acid. So everyone with the MTHFR gene mutations needs to check their vitamins not only folic acid but also for cyanocobalamin, and if you find it THROW THE VITAMINS CONTAINING CYANOCOBALAMIN AWAY! !!!!
      Now what about Methylcobalamin?
      Methylcobalamin is the only form of B12 that can directly participate in homocysteine metabolism. Methylcobalamin is also involved, along with folate in hematopiesis ( the formation of blood cells and platelets) and the development of the brain and nervous system during childhood, and maintaining a properly functioning nervous system in adulthood, ie preventing brain shrinkage and preventing neuropathy. Methylcobalamin is the first form of B12 you need to take if you are experiencing pain in your hands or feet from neuropathy. Adenosylcobalamin is the form that the body needs for carbohydrate, fat, and aminoacid metabolism which are all involved in the formation of myelin ( myelin is a fatty white substance which forms an electrically insulating layer on the surface of nerve cells). Which means we also need this second form of B12, Adenosylcobalamin or Hydroxocobalamin,
      along with Methylcobalamin to prevent neuropathy.
      This is why we should actually be taking two forms of B12, both Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (or hydroxocobalamin). “Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency -Methylcobalamin? Cyanocobalamin? Hydroxocobalamin? – Clearing the confusion ” European Journal of Nutrition 2015 Jan;69(1):1-2.
      Methylcobalamin is best taken as a sublingual form since this form is able to be directly absorbed by the capillaries under the tongue, thus avoiding any absorption problems that may exist due to low stomach acid or enzyme deficiencies.
      Adenosylcobalamin or Hydroxocobalamin needs to be injected since stomach acid can destroy these forms.
      The human body can make adenosylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin from Methylcobalamin, but it needs adequate amounts of Vitamin E ( in the Alpha-tocopherol form) to do so. ” Alpha-tocopherol protects against a reduction in adenosylcobalamin in oxidatively stressed human cells. ” Journal of Nutrition 1993;123(7):1305-12
      So I will be adding a sublingual Methylcobalamin to the vitamins I take, in addition to my injected Hydroxocobalamin. I swear dealing with this MTHFR gene mutations problem can give a person one hell of a headache, trying to understand it all.

      • Thank you so much Aelxa Hill. I’ve real almost all your posts from beginning to end. Thank you for going out of your way to share all your knowledge and help educate others… especially myself. I’ve found all your info and advice priceless. I just found out I have the double mutation thru Prometheus website, and you’ve given me so much insight just by reading all your comments. I just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  42. I have one of the most rare and hardly never seen form of the homogyzeius MTHFR mutation. As it was coded in my DNA since the womb to take place in adult life and began late 2015. It has caused so much HAVOC in my body and life. The main symptom of it is severe Thrombophilia to where Ive had 4 emergency angioplasty procedures to remove massice clots out of my legs and IVC vessel. My blood platelets have mutated to 3 times the normal size and have became resistant to every blood thinner on the market. I have large doses of levonox injections 4 times a day. I have lost 47% of my micro veins making it extremely difficult to regulate body temperature. My teeth are all rotting from the inside out cause my blood vessels have occluded. I have a testosterone deficiency and need to take testosterone injections every mnth and Im also now a hypoglycemic. Because of the thickness of my blood texture do to size mutated blood platelets it over expands my blood vessels activating nerves enabling me to painfully feel my blood circulation called veinal neuropathy. And not to mention the mutation has super accelerated my metabolism. I also take warfin but cannot be regulated on one base dose for my INR levels are constantly dropping and need the warfin dose adjusted accordingly to what my daily INR test reveals. It has continued to progress and will until it kills me. Hemotologist expert gives me 2-3 years to survive.

    • So sorry to hear this Shannon. I’m currently looking into the MTHFR mutations, the Magnesium Advocacy Group on FB has a lot to say on how minerals are influencing genes. There might be something there for you to look into.

  43. Hi , i’m Samar , i just know that i have a1289c mutation , in eygpt here we don’t about it and i go to alot of doctors said that it just a researchs not cetain .. what should i do
    I lost my twin in 3th month of pregnancy .. and tried to get pregnant for 2 years ..
    Here we have no methylfolate … plz help me and so confused ..thanks

    • Hi Samar, usually that kind of mutation doesn’t really have any negative effect on people so I wouldn’t worry too much about that, but see a fertility specialist if you can.

  44. My son’s test results say “this individual is homozygous for the c allele of the c677t polymorphism in the mthfr gene”. What does this mean?

  45. I was diagnosed with CIDP (chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy), also known as chronic Guillain-Barre in 2001. I’ve just received my results showing as written: 677 T/T. This test was ordered by my neurologist. He said my inability to metabolize folate can cause demyelination. He started me on PoDiaPN about two months ago. This is (6S)-5-MTHF with alpha lipoic acid. I am much stronger. I’m wondering if my original diagnosis was wrong or if the variant gene simply exacerbates it. He seems to think the latter is true, but I’m wondering. In 2003, I took CerefolinNAC and felt great. The cost went up significantly and I stopped taking it. The new drug is cheaper (a 90-day supply is $90) and better due to the ALA. Anyone else with a similar auto immune disease causing demyelination and this gene variant?

  46. I have the following test results, can anyone please help. My doctor said its nothing, but i lost my twin at 5 months pregnant unexpectedly in 4/2017. Now pregnant again and its been really complicated, i need answers, and tips on what i should be bbvtaking as supplements, heres my results:

    Please help!!! Im desperste!!!


    – INTERPRETATION:- This individual is homozygous for the A1298C variant and- negative (normal) for the C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene.- This result is not associated with a significantly increased- risk for coronary artery disease, venous thromboembolism, or- adverse pregnancy outcome.

    – Laboratory testing supervised and results monitored by- Bernard Joseph Ilagan, MD, MHA, DABMGG, CGMBS.

    – Reduced methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) enzyme- activity is a genetic risk factor for hyperhomocysteinemia,- especially when present with low serum folate levels. Two- common variants in the MTHFR gene result in reduced enzyme- activity. The “thermolabile” variant C677T [NM 005957.3:- c.665C>T (p.A222V)] and A1298C [c. 1286A>C (p.E429A)] occur- frequently in the general population.

    – Mild to moderate hyperhomocysteinemia has been identified as- a risk factor for coronary artery disease and venous- thromboembolism. Hyperhomocysteinemia is multifactorial,- involving a combination of genetic, physiologic and- environmental factors. Recent studies do not support the- previously described association of increased risk for- coronary artery disease and venous thromboembolism with mild- hyperhomocysteinemia caused by reduced MTHFR activity.- Therefore, the utility of MTHFR variant testing is uncertain- and is not recommended by The American College of Medical- Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) or the American Congress of- Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in the evaluation of- venous thromboembolism or adverse pregnancy outcome.

    – Modest positive association has also been found between the- “thermolabile” variant of the MTHFR gene and many other- medical complications, such as recurrent pregnancy loss,- risk of offspring with neural tube defects, neuropsychiatric- disease, and chemotherapy toxicity. Increased risk of- coronary artery disease, venous thromboembolism and- increased plasma homocysteine can be caused by a variety of- genetic and non-genetic factors not screened for by this- assay. If indicated by personal or family history of- thromboembolism, consider additional testing such as plasma- homocysteine levels, factor V Leiden and prothrombin gene- mutations.

    • I don’t know anything about the above information. I have a friend that had multiple miscarriages, she found out she has MTHFR Gene which caused the miscarriages. Her natropathic doctor gave her shots of the correct vitamin b9 that her body could process .she now has a healthy almost 2 year old son.

  47. My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with a compound heterozygous mutation ( C677T + A1298C). She also had low vitamin d and zinc. I’ve been reading all the comments and am so confused as to which supplement route will be best for her. Since 5th grade she has been in and out of doctor’s office ( just never feeling good). Low energy, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, dizziness, migraines, hand and feet discoloration and numbness comes and goes, skin rashes, bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections. Before she was diagnosed with MTHFR Mutation, she was diagnosed with an autonomic dysfunction as well as migraines. She was taking birth control but we stopped that 3 months ago ( before she was diagnosed with all this). She is taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mg) for the autonomic dysfunction and has received Botox once for her headaches. Could the migraines and autonomic dysfunction be related to the MTHFR Mutation as well? Her doctor told her to take a multivitamin, b12 spray and follow the WAHL’s diet. She was taking vitamin code multivitamin (raw whole food, live probiotics& enzymes) but we have stopped giving her that vitamin because she would get ulcers, and her tongue would start to feel thick and feel like she couldn’t swallow. What could be causing that and what would y’all recommend as a good supplement. Very frustrated mom and child. Ready for her to start feeling good again!!!

    • I have had this all my life, but recently had the genetic testing done. I am on Enlyte, it is totally natural and it has saved my life ! It is very strong, and much better than Deplin. I suggest easing into the full dosage though, all the toxins built up over the years are going to be expelled. I hope you try this, almost all insurances cover it.

    • I can at least help with the migraines. I am new to this myself, I am 47 and have had the same issues since I was 14. My mother took me to every doctor and I am just finding out about this mutation. I have the same exact diagnosis. My Kinseologist helped with the migraines. He said we are prone to candida yeast overgrowth because we can’t process it. So he put me on a yeast cleanse and caveman diet for two weeks and that was 3 years ago. I haven’t suffered from one since. I have to be aware to stay away from all of all the processed foods, fermented and foods with yeast in them.

    • Hi, I have the shit/homogeneous one… I’ve been prescribed activated B12 etc ACTIVATED. no site bought our usual chemist stuff. Also…. An MTHR supplement.

  48. My test result shows: Hetererozygos – one Allele is mutant and the other one is normal. Method of analysis : RFLP and my APTT slightly high.
    What does that mean? I had a stillbirth at 8th month recently. Could MTHFR have been the reason for it?

  49. My sons genomind report came back, MTHFR C667T: T/T A1298C: A/A. Can someone explain what this means? homo, hetero, compound?

  50. Hello,
    I’m looking for some advice on my following results for my 1 year old

    MTHFR C677T risk allele A my allele AG +/-

    MTHFR C10318T risk allele G my allele GG +/+

    MTHFR A4598G risk allele A my allele AA +/+

    I’m not sure what they mean or what risks they are or things we should avoid, can you vaccinate with these mutations?

    We are in england, are there any doctors near london that could help ?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    Thank you

  51. I was first told I had MTHFR and she put me in the methyl forms of B-12 and Folic Acid. Then later the doctor said I did not have that, but I had MTRR. She told me to add folic acid because that is the form of folate which crossed the brain barrier. What is the difference of these two genetic mutations and howyou treat them? Thank you.

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