Clients Only: Module 2, Week 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success



So lets get started!

We get how overwhelming it can be to start something new; changing your diet and integrating this into an already busy life affected by digestive issues can be stressful!

So, in week 1 all we ask is that you begin the process of change by working on mindset hacks that will help you to shift how you see the world through digestive issue coloured glasses.

The icing on the cake in week 1 is to start tracking your usual food intake which will give your Dietitian the information they need to know which elimination diet you need, a baseline on your symptoms, an insight into your current nutrition choices and patterns and the ability to help you evolve your diet rather than completely redesign it.

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1. Goals and Intentions

When you signed up for your program you had a goal: improve your gut health, learn your triggers, improve your quality of life, perhaps lose weight in the process.

We offer a whole module (Module 7) devoted to mindset coaching to help you reach your goals and to untangle the unhelpful thought patterns that end up sabotaging your progress or prevent you from being your own cheerleader.

You can also check out live mindset calls in the Facebook group events tab by clicking here. And you can watch replays in the group any time, just click here.

To get you on track with your goals, please watch this goals and intentions mindset presentation with Jay Hayes.


If you found this video helpful, please try the hypnotherapy session below, then move on to the next lesson.


2. Meditation and gut directed therapy apps

If you have found the mindset work offered so far to be useful then you can do more! Not only do Module 7 and 8 offer far more beneficial work, but you can also use the apps recommended below.

Try out the free meditation app call ‘Insight Timer’. It features many free meditations that can be really helpful to help you increase nervous system calm, which in turn can help reduce your symptoms.

Click here to download for iPhone/iPad

Click here to download for Android

If you find this useful then we can also provide you with a free 6 week licence for NERVA, a dedicated gut directed hypnotherapy app which is evidence based for IBS.

Please speak to your Dietitian if you think you would benefit from NERVA.


3. Tracking With Cronometer (Set Up Tutorial)

Tracking your food and symptoms will help us to help you adjust your diet to bring symptom relief over the coming weeks.

In the video below, Joe walks you through how to get the Cronometer app and set it up.


Click this link to download Cronometer for iPhone/iPad

Click this link to download Cronometer for Android

Click here to go to the Cronometer website

If you have any concerns about tracking your food in an app please speak to your Dietitian (for instance if you feel it will create disordered eating. We can turn calories off in the app and we can also use other methods to track if needed).

How to use Cronometer, tips and tricks

In this video Rachel Manthey RD runs through how to use Cronometer for logging.


0:21 How to assess daily nutrient (fat, fiber, carbs, protein, calories, vitamins, minerals) intake from the home diary screen

1:45 How to Copy and Paste items to a different day

4:13 How to add notes about symptoms/take pictures of foods to use a “place holder”

9:14 How to add foods into your diary

10:59 How to adjust serving sizes eaten for an individual food item

12:18 How to delete an item from you diary

13:15 How to add a recipe into your log from another website

17:02 How to add a recipe into your log from scratch

How to add a recipe in Cronometer

This video runs through how to create recipes in Cronometer.

How to use the website version of Cronometer

If you prefer to use the website version of Cronometer for any reason, this video goes over how to log using it instead of the cell/smartphone app.


4. If You Have a Weight / Body Composition Goal

This video walks you through how to take before and after photos and how to take measurements if you have a weight or body composition goal.


Many of our clients want to lose weight and many want to gain. We can support these goals while focusing on your gut health.

But your weight should not be your main priority. More on this in Module 5.


How To Take Before After Photos (if weight goal also)



5. Loom

We use software called Loom to record short videos of Cronometer data for clients to review.

If you receive a Loom video you can play it on any internet browser without needing to install the Loom app, see the video below.


Having trouble opening a loom video?


6. Baseline Symptoms

If you haven’t already, please fill out the questionnaire via the link below. This will give us baseline data on your symptoms so we know where you are starting from.

We will administer the same questionnaire half way through your program and at the end of the 16 weeks for comparison.


7. Your IBS Recovery Kit

This lesson is all about how to tackle your symptoms head on and not be a victim of them.

How do IBS symptoms make you feel? Powerless, annoyed, lost, isolated, worried or anxious, angry?

What do you do when you feel symptoms coming on? Do they make you want to hide away, take a day off work, avoid life, exercise and socialising?

It’s likely that you resonate with some or all of the above.

One of the biggest things we see is as practitioners are people who feel they are a victim of their digestive issues.

Now is the time to change that.

Elimination diets are designed to bring symptom relief over time, but you will still experience digestive issues during the elimination phase for whatever reason and even in your personalised diet beyond, at some point. Sometimes there is a clear reason why; unintentional sabotage, bad luck, wrong food, wrong dose, stress…. And sometimes there is no clear reason why.

None of this matters at the time but what does matter is how you tackle the symptoms. This is why we recommend you create: Your IBS First Aid Kit!

This is a kit to keep with you at all times in case of symptoms. It might be a bumbag/fanny pack, a toiletries bag or something similar.

In the bag you want to add:
– wet wipes
– spare undies
– plastic zip-lock bag
– gas-x (or similar)
– Iberogast/Atrantil
– A reusable heat pack
– A reminder to practice slow, deep breathing, tummy massage, NERVA or Insight Timer
– A personal mantra that helps you avoid slipping toward oblivion (catastrophising), e.g. “this too shall pass, just keep breathing“.
– Pen/paper for notes (if needed)

This kit is to be taken everywhere! It’s your F U to your symptoms should they happen. Your way of being prepared for the worst while hoping for the best and being your best self if (when) digestive issues strike.

Remember that digestive issues are not a punishment, they are not your fault (most of the time!) but they are a learning experience. They are temporary (even though it may not feel like it at the time) and when they strike you have 2 options: be a victim of them or tackle them head on as best as possible. Choose to tackle them head on.



This is all you need to do in week 1, well done! If you have energy to spare, go for a walk, implement some self-care or watch a Q&A replay in the Facebook group.