Clients Only: Module 1: Your Health Journey Starts Here



These lessons explain how to get started. They are in order from top to bottom.

In week 1 you just need to complete modules 1 & 2.

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1. Slow Down: Don’t Be In a Rush!

This video is a welcome and designed to help you navigate the very early stages of the program.


If you prefer to read a PDF transcript version instead, click here.


2. Your Next Chapter Begins Here

This video features one of our resident mindset experts Jay Hayes, psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist giving you some insights into what you are embarking upon.

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Important things to remember:

  • There are no quick fixes, “magic pills” or band aid approaches here – We are equipping you with the skills and tools to make a lifestyle change. The core lessons our team teaches are nutrition and behavioural fundamentals that will last a lifetime.
  • Radical responsibility – we are a product of the lifestyle we live; we are a product of the choices that we make. You may not have asked for the start you had in life, for the stresses or traumas that you may have experienced or the ailments that you currently live with. But you can choose to do something about it.  You are demonstrating an internal locus of control by joining the program.
  • Embrace the resistance – change isn’t always easy, you are creating new habits, learning new concepts, letting go of old ways and developing new neural connections in the brain and guess what? This can feel uncomfortable.
  • This whole process requires active engagement – To be a good student, you need to watch the modules, track your food (more in Module 2), participate in Q&A calls and ask questions. The magic happens when you apply yourself and learn from your mistakes and successes.  Create a space in your home for you to do this work.  Get your calendar out and block out time for modules, Q&As, meal prep/tracking and self-care.
  • Don’t just collect seeds and never plant them to grow – Don’t just collect the information and do nothing with it.
  • Tough love vs compassionate support – If you need tough love, then we can accommodate that in our communication with you. If you require gentle support, we can accommodate that as well. We just ask that you are honest with us! We will be there through your struggles and your successes. This is your time to do something different that will serve you for a lifetime. This is your time to become the best version of yourself. We encourage you to take radical responsibility of your journey.  If you have a history of making excuses, complaining, deflecting and giving up when things get tough, own it and reach out for support and help.

3. Health: The Cycle of the Seasons

In this video, Founder Joe Leech provides some perspective on health and your longer term health journey!


4. Nervous System Calming Exercise

We know from research that digestive issues are not just caused by dietary intolerances. Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are a common trigger for digestive issues.

And so it goes that digestive issues are often a cause of stress, anxiety and depression, like a ‘what comes first scenario, the chicken or the egg’.

Having run this program for over 3 years, we have learned that a multidisciplinary approach yields the best results for our clients and is the reason why the program is so successful.

So, we want you to engage not only in learning about diet, but also changing your mindset. Part of this is learning about how your nervous system works and how you can control it to help control symptoms and flares.

This video from Jay walks you through the benefits of nervous system calming exercises and a guided exercise.

Please practice the exercise with Jay to help reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm as you move into the module.

More lessons like this one will be included throughout the modules to help you get the best out of your ability to relax, learn and use the information we provide.


Try out the meditation below to help increase nervous system calm. This will help you to reduce anxiety and/or overwhelm and improve your ability to consume information.




5. Navigating the Private Facebook Group

This is a short video on how to navigate the private Facebook community to get the most out of it.

For example, how to find out about upcoming events (like Q&A calls) and how to find topics you are interested in.

First part of the video shows how to do it on your laptop or computer, the second part shows you how to do it on your smartphone/tablet.


Click here to download a visual PDF guide: Navigating the DietvsDisease Facebook Group



6. When And How To Join Weekly Calls

The video in this lesson shows you how to set up Zoom on your phone, which hosts the weekly calls.

You can download it free as an app on your smart phone or tablet/iPad device. You only have to install it once, then it is very fast to join the weekly calls.

If you are on a computer or laptop then the installation process is very simple and you can follow the prompts it gives when you to join the call (it’s straight forward to follow). Make sure you give video and audio permissions so that you can actually hear and see us on the calls.

Click here to download the Zoom app for Android devices

Click here to download the Zoom app for iPhone/iPad

Click here to download Zoom for Microsoft devices (Windows laptop/PC)



(Updated January 2023)

Note: times may vary, please see the ‘events’ tab in the Facebook group for the most up to date Q&A times and notifications of cancellations

Click here for the events tab in Facebook

Monday Dietitian Q&A Call (Ryanne) (third week of each month)
9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11am Central, 12pm Eastern, 5pm UK, 6pm Europe, (middle of night for Aus).
Use this link:

Mindset & Motivation Call (Jay) (bi-weekly)
Monday: 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.
Tuesday: 11am Brisbane, 12pm Sydney/Melbourne, 2pm New Zealand (2am UK).
Use this link:

New Member Dietitian Call (Emily) (fourth week of each month)
Tuesday: 12pm Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK, 9pm Europe.
Wednesday: 5am Brisbane, 6am Sydney/Melbourne, 8am NZ.
Use this link:

Food Freedom & Body Acceptance Call (Erin) (bi-weekly)
Tuesday: 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.
Wednesday: 11am Brisbane, 12pm Sydney/Melbourne, 2pm New Zealand.
Use this link:

Tuesday/Wednesday Dietitian Q&A Call (Tim) (bi-weekly, opposite week to Erin)
Tuesday: 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.
Wednesday: 11am Brisbane, 12pm Sydney/Melbourne, 2pm New Zealand.
Use this link:

Wednesday Dietitian Q&A Call (Rachel) (second week of each month)
9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11am Central, 12pm Eastern, 5pm UK, 6pm Europe, (middle of night for Aus).
Use this link:

Friday Nutrition and Food Chemical Q&A (Taylor) (first week of each month)
Friday: 12pm Pacific, 1pm MST, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK, 9pm Europe.
Saturday: 5am Brisbane, 6am Sydney/Melbourne, 8am NZ.
Use this link:


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We do this by partnering with The Hunger Project (THP), an organization whose mission is to achieve a sustainable solution to global hunger. I’ve personally seen the fantastic impact they are making (here is a video I made with them in 2017).


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