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How It Works

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Diet vs Disease program is the first rate

I joined the Diet vs Disease program after years of elimination one food after another with results that turned out temporary. The careful, knowledgeable, guidance I received allowed me to identify a customized plan for me that allowed me to broaden my diet and control my symptoms.

Best program out there!

I started this process after trying the traditional doctor route with no answers or relief. Working with Victoria after my diverticulitis flare was helpful beyond measure.
I am truly grateful for this experience and the relief it provided.

The program got my health back!

The program has been great. If one dietician needs more information on a question, they can ask another dietician - so helpful for a patient because I really have 10 dietician's at my disposal!

My coach Victoria was very supportive and encouraged me through this whole process

The whole program offers other supportive tools as well, Private Group Facebook page, Live chats with Lead Dieticians, and a variety of live group video conferences/classes to learn about nutrition.

The Diet vs Disease
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Ryanne Lachman
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Emily Gabel
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Victoria Cimino
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Dr. George Schatz
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Nicholas Needs
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Rachel Manthey
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Dr. Jordan Shapiro
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Erin O’Neill
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Lee Manley
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Louis Gelinas
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Jill Ambridge
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Beth Sands
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Julie Gold
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150+ articles

We cover all aspects gut health, microbiome and digestive diseases.


With Taylor one of our lead Dietitians.

Joe’s Instagram

We cover all aspects gut health, microbiome and digestive diseases.


Over 150 of my in-depth Diet vs Disease articles.


We cover all aspects gut health, microbiome and digestive diseases.

What You Get
When You Join Today

What You Get When You Join Today
Access to your own dedicated dietitian
Dietitian will help you master your gut, body, and nutrition. This is like having a gut-health dietitian in your pocket!
Access to psychology professionals
Access to psychology professionals typically involves seeking their services for various mental health and well-being needs
Personalized advice, coaching calls, and plans
Personalized advice, coaching calls, and plans are valuable services that can help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals, whether related to health and wellness, career development, or other aspects of life
FB group filled with like-minded people who "get it", all supporting and encouraging each other
Creating a Facebook group filled with like-minded people who "get it" and are dedicated to supporting and encouraging each other can be a wonderful way to build a positive and engaged community
Easy to follow nutrition video modules
Creating easy-to-follow nutrition video modules is an effective way to educate and engage your audience on nutrition-related topics
Custom meal plans
Creating custom meal plans is a valuable service that can help individuals achieve their dietary and health goals. Whether you're a nutritionist, dietitian, or wellness coach offering this service, here are steps to consider when developing and providing custom meal plans
Food and symptom tracking app
Creating a food and symptom tracking app can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to monitor their diet and its impact on their health
Access to gut-directed therapy app and therapist
Creating an app that provides access to gut-directed therapy and connects users with therapists specialized in this area can be highly beneficial for individuals with gastrointestinal issues or conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Asked Questions

What is Diet vs Disease?

"Diet vs Disease" is a website and platform created by Joe Leech, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. The website provides evidence-based information and resources related to nutrition, diet, and health. It aims to help individuals make informed dietary choices and better understand the impact of diet on various health conditions.

The website features articles, guides, and resources that cover a wide range of topics related to nutrition and health, including advice on managing specific health conditions through diet, debunking nutrition myths, and providing tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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