Anastasia Shkretova

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Psychotherapy
ICTA NLP Master Coach
ICTA Coach Practitioner
ICTA Enneagram Practitioner
Specialist in Integral Psychotherapy Approach and Psychosomatics (Russia)
Specialist in Developmental Trauma (Russia)
Hatha Yoga Instructor (RYT-200 yoga alliance)


Anastasia Shkretova is an American resident originally from Moscow, Russia, currently living in New York. Her career journey began as a Transformational Coach and Yoga Instructor, however a few years after she discovered her true passion in Jungian psychotherapy, working with adults who had a difficult childhood resulting in a negative impact on the way they experience the world. 

Anastasia uses an holistic approach that considers the body, emotions, mind, spirit, past and future. Her approach allows people to consider their problems as a signal from the psyche and body to pay attention to; we often want to get rid of something or become different, but sometimes it is important for us to learn to see ourselves through our own eyes and not to evaluate ourselves in terms of “right or wrong”. 

The main focus of Anastasia’s work is on acceptance, care, compassion, and seeing people as who they truly are at their core, because sustainable change is achieved when we have enough acceptance and love for ourselves.

“Become the love you seek. Draw some of your attention focusing on what others might think of you and on the outer world in general to yourself. It is not selfish to love yourself.

You don’t need to change. You only need to change the way you see yourself and become the best friend and the best mother to who you truly are.”

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