Module 6: Know and Love Thyself


If you have struggled with yo-yo dieting, poor body image or low self-worth over your lifetime, then this module is for you.

Struggles with body and body image are common across the spectrum of society, especially for women and especially for those with digestive issues.

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1. Your Body Will Change… And That’s OK!

In this video, Erin O’Neill explains the major changes that the female body goes through and why change is both normal, necessary and to be accepted as part of your journey through life.

Body Appreciation Scale worksheet PDF

2. Work With Your Body, Not Against It

In this video, Erin runs through various tools you can use to help raise your awareness to your barriers to exercise and how to overcome them.


Discover Physical Activities You Enjoy

Benefits & Barriers to Physical Activity

3. The Importance Of Exercise

In this video, Tim walks you through why exercise is important and how to view exercise for sustainable results


The Importance of Exercise transcript PDF

Your sitting time PDF

4. Author Your Own Story

Are you the author of your own story? What does your story sound like? How has it been serving you?           

In this lesson we look at:

  • External vs internal story
  • How to identify and analyze your own story
  • Review the connection between your story and weight management
  • Learn tips to re-writing your story for better outcomes.

There is also a worksheet for you to download in this lesson.


Author Your Own Story worksheet PDF

Additional Resources:

This is a great Character Strengths assessment:

Already Enough by Lisa Olivera:

5. The Platinum Rule

Do you talk to yourself differently than you talk to others? Now is the time to change that…

In this lesson we look at:

  • What is the Platinum Rule?
  • How this rule supports successful behavior change
  • Finding your “inner-cheerleader”
  • How you can take action today

There is also a worksheet for you to download in this lesson.


The Platinum Rule

6. Muscle-Building Workout Plans

In this lesson, we look at best training practices for building muscle and shedding fat.

There are two workout plans available for download in this lesson – for home and for the gym. Please see the menu bar to download these.

Explanations for how to follow these plans are in the video in this lesson.

What’s covered in this lesson:

  • Purpose of Training
  • Progressive Overload
  • Frequency and Intensity
  • The Workouts Explained
  • DOMS and illness


Muscle Building Workouts HOME

Muscle Building Workouts GYM

7. Celebrate Your Progress: How Far Have You Come?

This is an important mindset lesson where we explore how to look back, in order to keep moving forward.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The importance of focusing on your progress in the here and now
  • How your perspective on progress can make or break you
  • An introduction to the 3 P’s.


Diet vs Disease Goal Progress Journal