Low FODMAP Diet: The D.I.Y Beginner’s Guide (Plus PDFs)

[Last updated 6th September, 2021] Do you often experience digestive stress after eating certain foods? Can the discomfort be so severe that it affects your day-to-day activities? The link between foods and digestive disorders is well recognised, and there is a good chance that FODMAPs – small carbohydrates in certain foods – are the culprit. As a food intolerance dietitian, I’ve seen how remarkable a low-FODMAP diet can be for people with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms… things like recurrent bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea or constipation. This diet is one of the natural ways known to alleviate such chronic symptoms. There’s also many new case studies suggesting it can help with several other chronic health conditions too. If you’re keen to learn more, and maybe even try a low FODMAP diet for yourself, this 3,000 word beginner’s guide is a great place … Continue reading Low FODMAP Diet: The D.I.Y Beginner’s Guide (Plus PDFs)