Hiring Gut Health Dietitian Coach – Part Time or Full Time – Work Remotely


We’re looking for a qualified and experienced Dietitian to join the Diet vs Disease team either part time or full time!

This is a remote position, meaning you work from home. Welcome to 2020!

This is for you if:

  • online dietitian jobYou are a qualified Dietitian
  • You specialize/have 3+ years of experience in digestive health, whether it be clinical or private practice. A large portion of our clientele have IBS, IBD, diverticulitis etc.
  • You enjoy working with clients 1-on-1 to achieve their health goals
  • You can work in the North America timezones, or Australian/NZ timezone if you are willing to work early mornings
  • You are thrilled by the idea of working remotely and appreciate just how much time you will save each day and how much freedom it provides.
  • You are ready to reignite your dietetics career or shake it back to life with something completely different and exciting, an opportunity that provides loads of potential growth both on a personal level and career!


More Important Details:

The service we provide is a gut health nutrition program that has been growing month on month the past 18 months.

In this role you will take on new clients and provide the individual support and accountability necessary to help them reach their goals. You will have individual 1:1 clients and group clients.

You will be coaching clients 100% virtually through FB messenger, FB group, a food tracking app, and Zoom video calls, so most of the day you can be in your pajamas if that’s your style. Or you can do this job from the Bahamas if thats your style… Pajamas or Bahamas. I don’t care as long as you are on time, reliable, and professional. 

Clients come to us, typically with a variety of health issues which may or may not be related to gut health, and are in the mindset to change. That means no more giving advice to people who are just there because their doctor made them see you or because they’re stuck in a hospital bed with no way to escape you…

Our clients are READY for change and WANT to learn from you. They are there because they want to be, not because they have to be. They VALUE your expertise and will get results, and it makes it super rewarding.

Many clients also have a weight loss goal, so if you are anti-weight loss or firmly against calorie counting as a tool then this role is not for you.


Important Considerations Before Applying:

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  • Do you have a desire to work remotely? Working outside of a team environment is not for everyone, you have to be extremely disciplined and not mind working alone! 
  • Understand that the trade-off for a location independent/ work from home position, with flexible hours, is occasionally working outside of regular 9-5 hours to respond to clients and do some check-in calls in the evenings. Clients are in different time zones around the world, I will try to match you with people in your timezone, but essentially the old 9-5 schedule goes out the window. 
  • You need to be happy to do the occasional message on weekends too where it’s needed if a client contacts you. We do whatever it takes to make the client successful.
  • You need to be comfortable on video, or be willing to get LOTS of practice with us (let’s face it, everyone needs to get comfortable with video now if you want to impact people’s lives, it’s 2020)
  • Your attention to detail should be one of your strongest traits.
  • People person, obviously you have to enjoy interacting with people
  • Are you tech savvy or prepared to learn? You need to learn several online systems and softwares


Huge bonus points if:

  • Expert experience in digestive/gut health. In fact this point is fundamental, I’m hoping you can teach us more!
  • You can do full time hours or are prepared to go full time in the near future if you enjoy the role.
  • You have a psychology degree or some sort of therapist training/background. This is massive, as you would know lifestyle change is not just about knowing what to do, it’s about implementing those things consistently…
  • You already have an online presence like a website or instagram or Youtube that shows your enthusiasm for coaching or nutrition or being on video, etc. Something that shows where you stand and what you are passionate about!
  • If you have skills or a very strong interest in psychology/behaviour change/motivational interviewing/therapy/counselling then that is a big bonus. A lot of people know what to do, they need the mindset coaching to execute on it.

Other Things To Know:

  • You’d be provided with extensive training, but I will be chucking you in the “deep-end” so to speak, so you should enjoy learning on your toes (it’s easy I promise).
  • Best of all we are taking care of all the frustrating stuff… the marketing and sales to find the new clients! All you have to do is the stuff you enjoy most- coaching, interacting and helping people improve their health and happiness.
  • There is the opportunity to learn many other aspects of a virtual consulting business, such as marketing and sales. I can see this role growing and developing over time to be a hybrid of different skills and aspects so it remains exciting and challenging and fulfilling.
  • We are currently 6 coaches including myself. You can see us all at the bottom of this post.


Location & Hours

  • Part time contract is at least 24 hours per week. Full-time contract is 40 hours per week.
  • Work from anywhere you have reliable internet.



  • Competitive salary to be negotiated based on your experience.
  • Professional development
  • Bonuses to reward growth of the company
  • Any equipment you need to work at home efficiently


How To Apply:

Great if you read this far then I think you should apply!

I’m adding a twist though, I want you to press record on your phone and send me a video cover letter instead of in writing.

Just talk as though we were talking in person and say why you believe you’d be awesome for this particular role and what value you can bring to our clients and our team!

To do so you will need to upload the video file to google drive or dropbox or something and send me the link to it that way.

You can include your CV and you can write any additional details you feel is relevant too.



Applications close: 16th August, 2020


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

Joe Leech