Clients Only: Module 9: Gut Directed Therapy For Symptoms Related to Anxiety and Stress

1. Gut Directed Therapy: An Introduction To What It Is and Why It Works

This lesson explores the role of stress and anxiety in gut issues with a series of videos I did with Gut-Directed Therapist Michelle White.

For the majority of us, symptoms are exacerbated by aspects of our lifestyle other than diet.



2. How Your External Environment Reflects Your Internal One

We are exploring the relationship between your external and internal “environment”.



3. How Scanning and Scrolling Affects Your Brain, Mood & Willpower

In this video we explore how our phone usage influences the brain.



4. Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves When Doing Well?

In this video we explore:

– SABOTAGE: when we actively or passively take steps to prevent ourselves from reaching goals.

– GOALS: Goals are more meaningful when strong desire and feelings are attached to them rather than just rational thought.

– Self worth: Do you believe you deserve to feel good or to reap the rewards of the efforts?

– Old patterns are more familiar. Familiarity brings comfort and ease, we feel best in this state.

– New behaviours require forging new neural pathways. This is often hard and can give rise to difficult feelings and thoughts that make it easy to give up. Old behaviours are powerfully charged by the neural pathways so they have more pull to bring you back to them. Remembering the objective is critical.


5. How Unresolved Emotions Affect Our Gut

In this video with Michelle we discuss how our emotions, particularly stress and anxiety, directly impact our gut health and digestion.


6. Is It Mind or Body Anxiety Causing Gut Issues?

Here is what we discuss in this video:

– The 2 different sources of anxiety

– Mind based anxiety

– Body based anxiety

– What meditation will and won’t help

– The role of diet/gut in anxiety

– The role of the nervous system in anxiety

– What you can do for anxiety


7. Your Body Is Highly Responsive To The Environment YOU Create For It

Could your digestive symptoms be a result of your environment?

And not just your physical environment, but your digital environment as well?



8. Are Digestive Symptoms Causing You To Panic

Here’s the thing, when you experience symptoms, the tendency is to EXCLUDE the body (ignore, dismiss, resist), to get away from it rather than include the body in the resolution.

Connecting rather than disconnecting from symptoms is critical to their resolution when we are talking about IBS and related issues.