Clients Only: Module 8: Maintaining Momentum and Moving Forward

1. Falling Off The Weight Loss Wagon: How To Get Back Up

This lesson is about how everyone eventually goes off the rails and how to get back up.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Going Off The Rails
  • Damage Control
  • Pressing Pause On Your Goals
  • Micro-excuses
  • The ‘No-tracking’ Trap
  • Don’t Be Your Own Bully
  • Getting Back On Track


2. Conquering The Weight Loss Plateau

This lesson shows you how to overcome the dreaded weight loss plateau, where your progress appears to stall.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • The Weight Loss Plateau Is Inevitable
  • Why Does It Happen?
  • The Role of Exercise
  • Metabolism Changes and NEAT
  • How To Break Through The Plateau



3. Celebrate Your Progress: How Far Have You Come?


This is an important mindset lesson where we explore how to look back, in order to keep moving forward.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The importance of focusing on your progress in the here and now
  • How your perspective on progress can make or break you
  • An introduction to the 3 P’s.


Know Calorie Diet Progress Journal



4. Food Is More Than Nutrition

When it comes to health and longevity, research shows nutrition is NOT the main factor.

Neither is obesity, physical activity level or smoking status.

This lesson explores what factors influences longevity the most and the role food plays in it.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Food As Part Of Our Culture 
  • Social Aspects Of Eating
  • Number One Factor That Determines Who Lives Longest? 
  • Terminology Shift: ‘Treat’ Not ‘Cheat’