Clients Only: Module 5: Know Your Body

1. Which Foods Truly Do Make Us Fat?

This lesson looks at the data to determine which foods truly do make us fat.

This is what we cover:

  • Why exactly are obesity rates so high
  • Which foods or nutrients are to blame
  • The new (ab)normal
  • Which foods truly do make us fat

If you want to learn more about the current state of research looking at carbohydrate intake and weight management, read my article here.



2. Your Hormones vs Fat Loss

This lesson looks at what main hormones can influence our weight, and how women’s hormones will influence fat loss.

This is what we cover:

  • The hormones that influence our health and weight
  • Fat loss is different for women vs men
  • The menstrual cycle and fat loss
  • Menopause and fat loss



3. Stress and Sleep Hygiene

In this lesson, we explore the impact that stress has on fat loss, and how you can minimize stress in your body.

We cover:

  • Cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Getting some Headspace
  • Optimizing your sleep hygiene
  • A stress-free zone
  • Preparing for the good and the bad



4. How Fast Can You Lose Fat?

In this lesson we look at the major issue with fast weight loss, as well as how to calculate your ideal rate of weight loss.

We cover:

  • Why we are opposed to change
  • You can’t force rapid fat loss
  • How the Biggest Loser ruined the contestants
  • A more subtle approach
  • What is a good rate of fat loss?