Science Confirms: Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Are Legit

Mindfulness meditation benefits wide title

[Last updated 11th March, 2018]

The ancient practice of meditation – particularly mindfulness meditation – has recently surged in popularity.

In fact, in the US about 8% of adults and 1.6% of children have tried it already.

This is because the health benefits of mindfulness meditation are incredibly impressive… and supported by scientific studies.

This article explores the health conditions and diseases it may help with. [Discover More…]

What Is Fish Oil Good For? An Unbiased Look At 8 Popular Claims

what is fish oil good for?

[Last updated 9th November, 2017]

$1.2 billion.

That’s what the fish oil industry is worth each year in the US alone.

But what is fish oil good for when it comes to chronic disease, skin conditions and weight loss?

Are the reported health benefits true… or have they been oversold to us like most other “healthy” foods and supplements?

This article looks at 8 of the most popular claims to uncover the truth. [Discover More…]