Benefits of Echinacea: Does It Really Work?

Benefits of Echinace Does It Really Work

Echinacea is a popular herbal supplement.

It’s used as a natural remedy for preventing and treating the common cold… but does it work?

This article reviews the known benefits of echinacea. [Discover More…]

Coffee Enemas and Health: A Science-Based Look at the (W)hole Picture

COFFEE ENEMAS and health

I love coffee.

It’s the best thing about mornings.

But an unconventional way to enjoy your morning brew has emerged…

In your rectum.

It’s called a coffee enema and is a trend in the natural health community said to have many powerful health benefits.

This article takes a critical, science-based look at the use of coffee enemas. [Discover More…]

What Is The Best Fiber Supplement? Splitting Fact From Fiction

best fiber supplement

[Last updated 23rd March, 2017]

A high fiber diet is thought to be very beneficial for health.

Increasing your intake is thought to protect against a wide variety of diseases and conditions, particularly for heart and digestive health (1).

Unfortunately, the average Western diet is seriously low in fiber.

This article summarises the best fiber supplement available to you, based on current research. [Discover More…]

How To Deal With Major Depression: Foods and Natural Remedies

How To Deal With Major Depression- Foods and Natural Remedies

[Last updated 2nd December, 2016]

Depression is estimated to affect 350 million people worldwide.

Traditionally it’s treated with medication, but new evidence suggests certain foods and nutrients may be highly influential.

This could be revolutionary considering less than half of those affected receive formal medical treatment.

This article looks at what foods and nutrients may help, particularly for dealing with major depression. [Discover More…]

Science Confirms It: Carbs DON’T Make You Fat

Gary Taubes full of it- CARBS DONT MAKE YOU FAT

Cutting carbs is the most important change for weight loss.

At least, that’s the idea sold by Gary Taubes, Dr. David Ludwig and other low carb enthusiasts.

They believe carbohydrate drives obesity because it raises the hormone insulin. Insulin is said to block the release of fat and also drive additional fat storage. [Discover More…]

Probiotics and Weight Loss Review: Microscopic Miracle or Mirage?

[Last Updated 21st April, 2017]

We have been raised to think all bacteria is bad.

However, exposure to a diverse bacterial ecosystem can actually be good for you.

Research into our own bacteria – particularly those living in our gut – has found that these microorganisms strongly influence many aspects of our health.

That includes weight loss and obesity management.

Could probiotics revolutionise obesity treatment? Let’s review the research. [Discover More…]